Tiffany bracelet

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  1. I found a tiffany and co. heart charm toggle bracelet in the parking lot the other day. It was lying under some leaves and snow with part of it sticking out! I compared it to the real one online..and everything is the same except the number of links..there are extra ones my bracelet
    Everything else, the 925 stamp on the heart, and the saughtering (sp) looks correct.. (there are no seams where the links attach)
    I heard you can tell if something is real sterling silver if you hold a lighter to it for a long time. Fake metal will warp from the heat and real silver will tarnish but you can just wipe it off. Mine just tarnished and wiped off easily.

    the only thing that concerns me is the fact that one on the tiffany site has less links..does anyone know if the number of links of these bracelets stays the same year after year? or do they change?
  2. Hi! You should post pictures in our jewelry section so we can all take a look. We can't tell unless we see pics.
  3. there's a thread in the Jewelry Box Forum for authenticity questions.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.