Tiffany bow necklace - cheaper at blue Nile. Is it the same???

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  2. Perhaps the dimensions are slightly different? I dont know......they do look rather similar to the tiffany ones
  3. With Tiffany, you're paying for the name too...that's why it'll generally always be more expensive (especially silver jewelry). Others can copy the style but it doesn't come with the Tiffany name.
  4. Cute! Are you going to get it?
  5. I dunno if I will get it. Easier to just walk into Tiffany and buy from there..??
  6. Tiffany's doesn't widely advertise this but most of their SS push back earrings have WG posts. I can't wear SS earrings but can wear the ones from Tiffany's because they do this. If you don't have SS allergies the. It's no big deal. Blue Nile makes excellent products and has a totally no hassle return policy so don't be afraid to try them out.
  7. Yeah I once bought a few Guess items online, my husband was not impressed!
    He does not like me buying things online.
    I on the other hand think its sooo convenient!

    I agree with silver posts and white gold. My ears are sensitive too especially if i wear cheapy earrings!
    Great info NurseAnn thanx:smile:)
  8. I didn't know that! :nuts:
  9. I didn't know it either until joining this forum. TylerDurden mentioned it in his Tiffany thread. If you go to the actual store some of the SA's for even know. When I bought my knot earrings I made them double check because my ears get really red with SS posts.
  10. go for tiffany. i promise you will be happier in the long run ;)
  11. One vote for Blue Nile. I have gotten a bracelet and two pairs of earrings from there. They are of exceptional quality, and tend to be cheaper than brick and mortar stores because they do not have the overhead required to run a shop.
  12. Although the price of the Blue Nile one is much better, wouldn't it still be just a knock off of a Tiffany design? I've seen pieces of jewelry I've liked in stores, but when I realize that they're copies of another designer, it kind of ruins it for me. For some reason, it would bother me that it's not the real deal. But, that's just me and one of my little quirks. :shrugs:
  13. +1
  14. +2! I'm never happy knowing it's based on another designers design.
  15. +3 especially when it doesn't satisfy because I'll still go back to the original designer