Tiffany Bow earrings

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  1. Anyone have these or tried them on? I would really love to see some pictures of them (besides the T&CO website) before I make my purchase.
  2. i have them! i got them for christmas. they are tiny and flat. I have lost one of the backs already but luckily the earring stayed in my ear. I can post pics tomorrow.

    i love them. they're adorable.
  3. Yes please! Thanks so much!!
  4. i tried them on when they first came out b/c i was totally in love with them. very cute, but i just did not have the right earlope for they hit the studs that i have in my second it just depends? wish they looked right so i coulda bought them...
  5. So .. a year later .. any pics?
  6. [​IMG]

    Here ya go.

    Love mine :smile:
  7. Very pretty! Thank you!
  8. I have them and love them. I'm hoping to add a bow necklace to my collection for Valentine's Day. :smile:
  9. Youre welcome :smile:
  10. Does it only come in one size?

  11. To my knowledge I think that theearings only have the one size.... Although the bow necklace comes in mini and medium size.
  12. kellymcd..those look perfect on your ear!
  13. Thanks! I have decided to get them. They will be my first Tiffany's purchase!