Tiffany blue book event, Toronto

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I had this amazing opportunity to attend the blue book event today. Took pics for you all to drool over! outta this world pieces. Hope you like it!
  2. 20 carat round brilliant - one of a kind in D color! 6.25 million dollars..., did t want to take this beauty off!

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  3. 60 carats of bling! A masterpiece!

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  4. How green is this emerald! 8 carats! $613,500 + tx Loved it! It was really hard to capture the true color!

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  5. Wow! 20ct!!!
  6. Earrings $71k and necklace $380,000 ish!

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  7. Yellow and white diamonds necklace.. I believe it's priced at 2.8 million! Also beautiful rings... Pink, blue, yellow diamonds! They had really amazing pieces but these were few of my picks! I hope you enjoyed the pics.

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  8. Thanks for sharing and the pieces are to die for. I love the last necklace you had on. Was it a private event and was it a big party?
  9. Thank you for sharing this with us :girlsigh:

  10. Wow! Stunning! Thanks for sharing...

  11. OMG, I die! So many beautiful pieces here Do you recall the price of the pink diamond ring?
  12. Beautiful pieces!
  13. Wow what a fabulous secretion of jewellery to play with! Thank you for sharing Rami00!

    Which piece was your favourite?

    They all look particularly stunning from here.
  14. Hi! My husband and I got invited to last year's event and it was stunning. Did you feel a lot of pressure to buy? That was the awkward part... But the party, the dinner, the jewels, the experience was tremendous. I actually loved seeing the other guest's collections. I was bummed not to be invited again but my husband felt the pressure to buy was not worth the event experience. (I disagree!) thanks for sharing!
  15. Absoluteley stunning! Thanks for sharing. My favourite is definitely the wreath necklace and earring combo. I would love to know more details about the event and how the staff treated everyone. Please do share! :smile: