Tiffany Bean Necklace...SMALL OR MINI?

  1. This will be my next Tiffany purchase. Hmmmmmmm, I'll ask DH for it for Valentine's Day. LOL!

    Anyway, what is the size of the small bean and the mini bean? Any photos to compare? There is no size listed on and living in Montana, there aren't any stores close by. Believe me! :sad:

    If you gals have any photos of you wearing these beans, please post and tell me what one you're wearing.

  2. Is there a third bean size? I know I accidently ordered it in the wrong size, and the bean was huge and scary, lol. I *think* I have the mini bean. I'll look around and post photos!!!
  3. Yea, there are three sizes. I know I don't want the largest. Let me know if you find photos. Thanks!

  4. haha oh my gosh! "the bean was huge and scary" haha, that actually made me chuckle!
  5. Get the mini! It's nice and subtle!

  6. That's the mini!? I better get that one for sure, the small would be too big. LOVE it on you!!!
  7. yup, that's mine also!! its the perfect size!

    and yes...the small bean. it is scary!! LOL :smile:
  8. Im not sure, but I think I have the middle size, I'll have to go check it out, I love mine, it was the first"real" piece of jewl I bought for myself! Great subtle little piece!
  9. I love the one with diamonds!

    BTW the bean was worn in by the lead actress in The Devil Wears Prada, but that was before she turned evil and fashionable
  10. I have both... I used to like the mini, but now I find it too dainty and prefer the small bean. It looks a bit funny on it's own, but I prefer how it looks under an open collared shirt than the mini.
  11. ^^Do you have any pics of you wearing the small bean?
  12. bump! would love to see pics of the small bean on someone. Called Tiffany CS today and they said the mini bean is .4 inches long, small is .75 inches long and the medium is .8 inches long. I thought that was weird b/c the dimensions of the small and medium is so similar, it doesn't make sense that they would be so similar in length but be two different sizes.
  13. Here's the medium, sorry I don't have the small or mini to compare...
    Photo 6.jpg
  14. how do you like the medium? it isn't as big as I thought it would be. Do you feel that the chain is sturdy?
  15. I only like the mini size. It comes on a 16" chain only so if you want that size but on a longer chain you have to get it lengthened.