Tiffany Beaded Braclet!?

  1. I have the beaded braclet from tiffany and co and i cannot get it clasped! Does anyone else have this probem? Its almost to stiff and the clasp is so small compared to the other braclets from there. Any tips?
  2. I had it and exchanged it for that same reason...LOL
  3. Sigh, I have not had trouble with the clasps but with dented beads!
  4. Dented beads? well that sure ill end up with some im not very careful.
  5. i had to wear mine got easier to clasp over time
  6. yah its difficult to clasp at roomie always clasps it for me! :smile:
  7. Is it the one with the silver beads? I've only worn it a few times, but never had a problem with mine. I press the loop end of the bracelet up against my stomach (using the wrist on which I will wear the bracelet) to hold it up. Then hold the clasp end with my other hand to hook it.
  8. I had this problem when I first got this bracelet. When I first got it I would sit there for seriously 10 minutes trying until my SO finally noticed and came over to help. But now that ive had it forwhile it becomes much much easier. I hope I dont loose anyone in these directions as its a bit hard to explain but I'll try my best.

    I'm right handed so I wear it on my left. Hold your left hand out with your elbow bent in towards your body so that your forearm is horizontal and parallel to the front of your body (back of your hand is facing uo, palm down). Hold the clasp end of the bracelet with your right hand and loop it over the top of the left wrist and bring the clasp end past the left side of your left wrist and under pulling the clasp towards your body. Now, you are facing the loop and clasp end of the bracelet. The loop side of the bracelet should be hanging over the right side of your left wrist. Because of the position of the beads this loop end may be stick out a bit. Ok. now the tricky part, I hope I haven't lost anyone... you are holding the clasp open with your thumb and pointer finger... slowly "reach out" with your middle finger to push down the loop end of the bracelet so the clasp can reach it. The second you get the open clasp in range of the loop, let go! BAM! Bracelet on! :wlae: It might take a bit the first few times but very soon, you'll be able to do it in a matter of seconds! Hope this helps!
  9. I have the bracelet too and it really is hard to unclasp. So I don't even unclasp it anymore, I just slip it over my hand to get it on. If you're unable to do this, I'd also recommend opening the clasp normally like 20 times or something (Just to loosen it up). Then it'll be a little easier to clasp.
  10. haha thanks for the tips everyone! I was beginning to get frustrated!:s
  11. I have a really tiny hand/wrist so I can just roll it on and off :shrugs: - I never use the clasp.
  12. It gets easier clasp after a while. :yes: You will see!
  13. It's been a long time since I've worn mine, but I was rolling it on and off too! But then I was afraid it would eventually break if I kept doing it.