Tiffany anyone? My version of a strand of pearls!

  1. Ok, so theyre not pearls but it is absolutely stunning:love:! And cheaper too LOL. The strand of pearls that I wanted were like $8000 :cursing: Those will have to wait until next year :push:Im so happy I found this and it was the last piece at the store!:yahoo: It looks so good with casual and formal wear. Love its versatility!!! The pics dont do it justice. It looks gorgeous IRL!
    tiffany 2.JPG tiffany 3.JPG tiffany 4.JPG tiffany.JPG
  2. What a fantastic versatile buy!!! I love pearls,but my life does'nt seen suited to them at the mo,it all gets a bit frantic with a toddler so I just end up wearing my 'usuals'. Remember to give them a wipe with a soft damp cloth before you put hem away when you've finished wearing them as perfumes,skin creams etc all contain chemicals that will 'eat' into the layer of nacre and ruin their gorgeous lustre . Enjoy they're beautiful!!!
  3. thanks Chaz! I realized I wont be getting a string of pearls in the near future since they are way too expensive and too high maintenance. I dont have patience with all that sutff LOL I'll stick with this silver piece (but they do look like pearls from a distance LOL) and Im extremely happy with it! Hope to find something in gold someday.
  4. OMG!!! hahaha' need my eyes testin,or learn to read a bit more slowly!!!! They are gorgeous, bit of a modren twist on the traditional pearl strand, I LOVE it!!!! Clever girl, what a brilliant find!!!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  5. I love pearls! They look great on you!
  6. is it the sterling bead necklace but in like a 30 in length?! i didn't even know they made's so pretty and unexpected! i love it! is it heavy though?
  7. love this....very modern and versatile
  8. i absolutely LOVE those! i have the single strand of graduated beads and one of my male coworkers actually thought they were just brilliant pearls until he got a closer look. i think they're a great alternative to pearls because they can be dressed up or down and the upkeep is much easier. ;) congrats!
  9. Beautiful!!! I didn't even know Tiffany's made you mind me asking what the price is?
  10. Wow...that is a really bold and elegant necklace. Congrats!
  11. Beautiful! Looks heavy :smile:
  12. Not sure about the length. Will measure it and let you know. Its very light :graucho:and I dont feel it hanging on my neck at all unlike the heart toggle necklace that I have.
  13. Thanks! its very light and comfortable on the neck:tup: Maybe because each bead is hollow.
  14. A friend of mine has the matching earrings and bracelet. I always admire them on her. The necklace is even prettier IMO!
  15. I bought it around $800+ singapore dollars so it should be about $550 USD. Gotta find that receipt (I'm careless with receipts especially when Im overly excited about a purchase LOL:lol:) and will let you know exact price