Tiffany and SEVENTEEN magazine

  1. :tdown: Did anyone see the Tiffany and Seventeen magazine colaboration in the latest Seventeen magazine (Vanessa Hudgens is on the cover)?

    It's a heart tag charm with "17" engraved on it. I think its really tacky. Who would wear a tag that says 17 on it? And why is Tiffany stooping so low (I don't really like Seventeen magazine). I understand marketing to teenages (heck, I'm a teenager myself!), but I just don't like this marketing scheme!

    Sorry for the rant
  2. I saw it the other day while getting my nails done. and thought it was a bit tacky too. I mean if your 17 i guess it is alright but who wants to buy a charm for one year?
  3. ^^ totally agree... but its like a charm bracelet with seasonal charms on it (like a reindeer. candy cane...etc) I dont know who would buy it, but a lot of people make a lot of things that make no sense to the rest of the world.
  4. Ugh NOT liking this...
  5. I agree. The necklace itself was cute, the engraving I did not care for. It would be better if they had engraved an inspirational word or something.
  6. Ha nothing is cool about being 17 anyway, its just between 16 and 18.
  7. ^^16 would make more sense. Or even 21!
  8. ITA. When I saw it, it looked tacky looking. It honestly looked like some corny Tiffany's knockoff.

    I'd rather get a plain one and have it engraved myself with something more timeless, like initials.
  9. Never seen it, but then again I dont read Seventeen 'cause I am too old, lol. Does anyone have a pic?
  10. its on the tiffanys website....and i think tiff probably saw it as a huge marketing ploy and i honestly think it will be a huge seller as bday pressies! it's under a 100 and i think it would be cute to give to someone

    i would never wear it, but as an addition to a charm braclet it just might be cute :smile:

    btw i remember being 17 and LOVING the magazine hehe :smile:
  11. hmmm i haven't seen it but maybe it's a kind of customization thing? like you can engrave a number/letters you want? and this 17 was just an example?
  12. How about '21' inside the outline of a beer bottle next. hehehheheh:roflmfao:
  13. Nope... its a promotional thing between Seventeen magazine and Tiffany... (I know this because sadly, I still get the magazine-- but it was the end of my subscription!)
  14. Their entire new focus on the charms is turning me off. I am a teen myself but wouldn't wear that bracelet! It's so juicy couture!