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  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm not really sure exactly where this belongs as its more of a warning really, but here seems the most logical!

    In the UK we have this TV channel called IBuy ( they sell allsorts of 'high end' accessories at low prices. (Gucci, Dior, Fendi, Prada, Balenciaga etc) Last night an advert appeared on there for a Tiffany shopping hour on Saturday 1st july at 6pm UK time. I thought this was very odd, as as far as I was aware, Tiffany stores or their website was the only place you could buy authentic Tiffany products! So I called Tiffany about this & sure enough, they confirmed that this was the case! They took my information & I just got an email thanking me for it & saying they are taking urgent steps to basically stop this shopping hour & prosecute for selling fakes!

    So, to anyone how happens to see an advert for this channel & their 'Tiffany' jewellery ~ Dont' bother!

    I just thoguht I'd let you know. IBuy seem a very professional set up but clearly, they can't be trusted! I am now highly (even more so!) suspicious of the other good they sell on there! I have already contacted the companies concerned.

    Hopefully this will be a big kick in the B*** to those counterfeiters!
  2. Good job on contacting Tiffany's! Thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks for letting us know- I'm not in the UK, but I'm sure that this will let people who do get to watch this know that the jewelry is not real...
  4. thanks! it gave me a kick actually! I hate that people wouldbe conned into buying this junk thinking it was the real thing! Its really odd because the channel comes across as a hugely professionaly company! I was interested in a couple of bags they had ~a Dior, a Gucci & a Fendi, but now! Now I'm staying well clear!

    I can't wait to see if Tiffany manage to get the show cancelled!
  5. thats a shame about the Tiffany, I LOVE TV shopping and if I lived in the UK I would have bought stuff from them. Thanks for the tip!
  6. It will be interesting to see how this turns out, let us know!
  7. Oh dear, I havent heard about that. I have however heard about a gems TV shopping channel in the UK. Is this selling real gemstones?
  8. Guess what! Yes! I got the show cancelled!!!!! I couldn't watch the start of it cos of the football but I tuned in about half way though & they were selling bags instead! HAH!! So it worked! I got some nasty fake pieces removed from sale & hopefully impounded!:biggrin: YAY!

    Lanbanan, actually one of my shops is right next to a jewellers & I asked them for you! Yes, Gems tv are selling real jems, but they tend to be of poor quality & the mountings need a lot of work after 18mths-2years.
  9. ParkAvenuePrincess thank you very much for enquiring for me. I still havent seen the show but a girl that I work with has made a few purchases from Gems tv. It good that the gems are real but not so good about the quality. thanks again. :smile:
  10. That is great, give yourself a nice pat on the back!
  11. thanks for the heads up
  12. good job! :welcome:
  13. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Very well done!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. Welldone for getting it off.. however i dont know what's happened but recently they have been selling this Jewellery.. when they didnt have the show they said that the delivery was late and they are still selling.. do you think they have the real thing now or?! I absolutely love iBuy and if anyones interested in a petition to get iBuy back on ntl (only english people may have heard about this ) then ask me. ntl dropped them for no reason! and hi im new! hehe! ok I'm done.. what do you think about them selling it now?:shrugs:
  15. (have to say.. i know this is jewellery but on the subject of iBuy.. they to do nice bags and i have no doubt that they are real!) and im plugging my petition again... ok i'll stop! the other non-branded jewellery is very nice on iBuy too though!