Tiffany and Co in the US

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  1. hey girls,
    I was having a browse on the US Tiffany and Co site, and found a ring that I liked... When I converted it back to Australian currency, the ring was alot cheaper?!! I just wanted to know, whether T&Co prices are pretty standard like LV, or do they infact vary from country to country?

    I would really like that ring, but I can't buy it online as I'm not in the states.. :sad: Can someone please help?

    :heart: joanniii
  2. what are you trying to buy? maybe someone can buy and ship to you? i know i wouldn't mind doing that. or have you tried eBay? though fakes run RAMPANT when it comes to tiffany, especially sterling silver.
  3. I don't want to buy it off eBay, simply because I know many are fakes! Which makes me very angry and upset :sad: To see my own T&CO return to tiffany bracelet going for 1/3 of what I paid, and to see that people actually bid on it, makes me a little annoyed :mad:
  4. I'm not sure if prices for Tiffany are standard, but LV prices definitely vary in different countries
  5. Very standard! The price never varies, but the dollar and perhaps duty will increase the price outside of the US.
  6. Prices are definitely cheaper in the US compared to Asia and the UK, this is even if you take into account of taxes on top of the prices. Was in nyc in summer and saved about £15 on a ring compared to UK prices.
  7. Prices in the US are DEFINTITELY cheaper, well beyond the dollar conversion for Canada as well. When DH and I got engaged/married, we bought my e-ring and both of our wedding bands down in the States. We saved several THOUSAND on the rings... if it's a big purchase, try to make a trip to the US. If it's just small silver pieces, I'd just get it locally and forget about the hassle.
  8. Problem solved! Thanks for all your help :smile:
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