Tiffany and Co blue coloured nail polish?

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  1. Has anyone found any nail polish of this colour??

    Anyone esp in Australia? Thanks

    Here's the colour:

  2. I'm not in Oz but I have the China Glzae in For Audrey, which is Tiffany blue. I have it on my toes right now actually.
  3. china glaze for audrey
  4. Definitely For Audrey. It's a dead on match.
  5. I've seen online posted all over that their color is patented so I guess I shouldn't say it's a dead on match. I guess what I meant to say is it's the closest to their blue as anything I've seen or used.
  6. There is a soak off gel polish by TruGel named Tiffany that is very close as well
  7. Could you not find that polish shown in the photo, "Tiffany Imposter" by Finger Paints? I think it is actually an even better match of the Tiffany colour than For Audrey.
  8. I LOVE YOUR PICTURE!!!! Sorry I had to say something...
  9. Don't know if this is a little late or not, but Kit had a very similar color to Tiffany Blue available in Myer recently, I was really impressed with the color match!
  10. Have found sth similar ....though its probably a little late ImageUploadedByPurseForum1367357348.779996.jpg
  11. EZ Flow Tiffany almost perfect.