Tiffany and Co Atlas Collection

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  1. Hey everybody!! Just wanted to get some feedback about Tiffany's Atlas collection.

    I am liking it more and more every time that I see fact, I almost bought a piece of the collection when I was at T&Co today getting a necklace cleaned!:nuts:

    How 'classic' do you think it is? TIA!:heart:
  2. i like the atlas and 1837 tiffany collections.

    which particular design do you intend to buy?
  3. Its the silver necklace that is very thin and long...its $250 and comes on a 16 inch chain, which I plan to lenghten to an 18 inch chain :smile:
  4. I like the atlas collection. I am really partial to the cuff in 18k. Someday....
  5. I think the Atlas collection classic. Classy and simple but not screaming Tiffanys.
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  6. I have the Atlas toggle necklace and bracelet set and liked it when bf bought it for me last January (06)but now it's lost it's luster to me:sad:. I'd rather have the heart shaped tag necklace and bracelet set which was my first choice but they (Toronto's Tiffany and Co store) were out of the heart tag necklace when we were in To for a function and I wanted a new set to wear that night so we went for the atlas collection. I'd like to sell it on eBay but with all of the fakes it would probably get pulled! Arrg!! But I do like alot of the other Atlas collection as they are quite different from other T & C pieces. I also have the 1837 atlas charm bracelet and love that:smile:
  7. the atlas is a very classic collection and will be around for a very long time.
  8. ^Thanks! Thats what I was hoping.

    I have pretty much every silver piece from the Return to Tiffany's and the 1837 collection. I love them, but I am trying to now collect more subtle pieces :smile:
  9. i have the silver ring (the older style which i loooooooove) and the cuff bracelet. i love the roman numerals.. it's so classy.
  10. Is it this one?? I think this one is pretty...

  11. I have a ring I bought years ago. I find it very difficult to keep clean and polished between the numbers.
  12. i love that necklace, i really like the atlas watches actually.
  13. Actually, the necklace I want is the 'stick' style...very long and thin.
  14. I love the Atlas line.
    OT: How much is cleaning? Like ten bucks or so?