tiffany amber thiessen

  1. hahahah I didnt even know she was on 90210:shame::roflmfao:. Then again, I never watched 90210(I might try to get into the new one, but I doubt it will stick). I was an avid Saved By The Bell watcher, so thats how I remember her.

    I do think she is beautiful though, and she still looks the same after all those years!
  2. She was so cute in her Saved By The Bell days.

  3. She was cute. She has such a pretty face. Does anyone know what she is doing now? I read somewhere on line when I was looking for photos of her, that she wants to start a family.. or has she already?
  4. Tiffani Thiessen ~ Out & about NYC, Jul 30:

    Source: OnCelebrity
    a11.jpg a12.jpg
  5. Wow, she is just as beautiful as she was back in "the day"
  6. If not more so. She's on White Collar these days.
  7. she's one of my faves on WC! the entire cast and their chemistry together makes the show even more enjoyable then it already is.
  8. She used to be my favourite on Saved by the Bell! Still looking great.
  9. Looks better than I remember in some other recent roles. Did not like the blonde phase at all.
  10. ^^I agree. So much better as a brunette!
  11. Better brunette, I agree.
  12. 01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg
  13. OMG, her daughter is 2 already. Damn, I am getting old.
  14. Tiffani Thiessen ~ A.M. Studio photoshoot NYC, Aug 21:

    Source: OnCelebrity
    a11.jpg a12.jpg
  15. She looks gorgeous and her little girl is just precious