Tiffany + Alternatives

  1. So, I'm looking at Elsa Peretti for a gift and I was going to go with one of the pendants + the platinum chain (which is backordered). Is there any reason why I shouldn't buy the pendant from them and the chain elsewhere? Does VCA do any cute, smaller necklaces for less than 600 dollars?

  2. as long as the chain and pendant are both made of the same metal i don't see why there would be a problem...
  3. I have several pieces by Elsa Peretti. Some of the chains actually do not slide out from the pendants, so you would have to buy it together.

    I don't think Tiffany's sells the pendants separately from the pendant. I've had to buy pendants and then extend the chain from 16" to 18" for a small cost.

    Does the chain come off easily from the particular pendant that you wish to buy? Is it the heart pendant?

    Remember that the chains always have a small tag that says Tiffany on it.
  4. Here is the charm -

    It appears to be able to be purchased individually.

    It's a value issue, really. Why pay 325 dollars for a platinum chain when they can be purchased much cheaper? There are no design elements that I'm missing, are there (besides the T&Co. inscription)? I really like the pendant and I think she will too but again, I could buy another gift with the money I save from going with a chain from someone else. Is that reasonable?

    No one mentioned VCA - not an option?
  5. Oo I want it, it's so pretty!:love:
  6. I'm not sure, but I doubt VCA does Pendants less than $600.

    At least in my part of the world, the Allambra range alone starts at at least USD800-900.
  7. beautiful!!! you could always shop around for a chain, or order it with the silver chain...
  8. I think VCA has some beautiful Alhambra pieces that you may consider if you are willing to increase your price range a bit. Last month VCA just had a price increase, so you should go their website and make a price inquiry. I think the only pieces that are near your price range are the Sweet Alhambra pieces. You might as well check out the prices from VCA before you rule anything out. I would be so estatic if I received a Tiffany's (gold) or VCA piece.

    Happy gift giving,