Tiffany 18k heart tag VALENTINE'S gift!!

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  1. So what did everyone get for Valentine's? My hubby tricked me and I thought I was getting clothes, but he whips out the bag at 4am, and I literally jumped on the bed! :yahoo:

  2. So pretty....I have never seen it in gold!
  3. How sweet :flowers: I love Tiffany's :yes:
  4. Very pretty!
  5. Congratulations! It's beautiful! It's actually on my wishlist! Do you mind posting modeling pics?
  6. Pretty!
  7. Happy Valentine's Day! That's a really great heart in gold!
  8. Pretty! Congrats!
  9. Very pretty I love it!
  10. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  11. Congrats on your fantastic new necklace ! :yes:
  12. very cute!
  13. I REALLY like it.
  14. Very pretty!

  15. awwww, awesome hubby! i love tiffany :love: