Tiffany 1837 resale value

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  1. I have an 1837 classic ring . I was just wondering if i sold it. What list price should i set it at.
  2. Do you mean the silver band?
  3. as long as you have the original box and bag and its in good condition...... you can get around what you paid for it.

    but there is soo much fake out there.. its a shame it makes it harder to sell without proof of it being authentic.
  4. ^^^ No chance! All the fakes on eBay have made Tiffany jewellery low value. If the OP is referring to the silver band at $100 then realistically they'll only get about $50.....may as well keep it
  5. I'd say about half price or just slightly higher if it is in good condition. I sold a tiff necklace I had for $130, original $265. People STILL wanted a lower price, i told them no way!!
  6. i doubt you'd get a lot back for it. might help if you've just polished it and maybe even have the original receipt. there are so many fakes out there unfortunately :sad:
  7. i say that you'd get about half the amount. i've sold some of my items for about half the amount and they seem to ususally sell at around that price. good luck trying to sell it :smile: i think also b/c it's a popular item, it might sell for a little more than half but i wouldn't count on getting anywhere near 70% though.
  8. yes it is the band one. Thank you all for your insight. i looked over at tiffany website and say that the price went from $125 to $150 now. So maybe that will help a bit. I dont really wear rings and would get much more use out of a tiffany bracelet. I do have the receipt and box and jewelry pouch. along with shopping bag . So i am thinking since the retail price went up and i receipt and such maybe I will get a decent price. I am worried by all teh fakes . which is why i asked about what listing price i should do.
  9. Can you try returning it if it's unworn?
  10. Maybe you should consider listing on craigslist