Tiffany 1837 Necklace- Which one?


Which Necklace Do You Prefer?

  1. 1837 Circle Closure Necklace

  2. 1837 Three Drop Circle Necklace

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm looking to purchase an 1837 necklace from Tiffany's. There's two that I like. Which one do you think would be best? (in case you're wondering, I'm 22) TIA :smile:

    1.) Tiffany 1837 Circle Clasp Necklace (for those of you that own this, how is the closure working out for you?)

    2.) Tiffany 1837
  2. I have the second one and I love it!
  3. they are both lovely..i say try on the pieces and choose the one that best fits your neckline and facial features..u might be surprised on your choice..sometimes what looks good in pics doesn't look to great on..
  4. ^ ITA, check it out first, returns are so tedious
  5. Hey ChiChi!! I'm from Westchester & have a chi too :flowers: I have the Circle Clasp and I feel like its heavy on me..ITA with Simple... if u can try, them both on and see which ones makes you feel the most gorgeous!!
  6. 2 is more different and i like the look a lot better
  7. first one is cuter...the second one is so common.
  8. It all depends what you like to wear. If you are into bolder bulkier pieces, then the first one would be good for you. If you prefer daintier items...I'd go for the 2nd one.
  9. i like that circle clasp necklace. that's definitely on my wishlist. :p
  10. I wanted to get the circle clasp necklace a couple of weeks ago, but my store was sold out. I tried on the matching bracelet and it took me a while to get it clasped. I'm sure the necklace would be easier to do since you can use both hands. Once I had the bracelet on, I really liked it. It's very secure, no worries about it coming unhooked. Your choices are so different, but I would go with the chunkier piece. Only because that's the one I want!
  11. I decided to get the circle clasp necklace :love: I liked the look of the chunkier necklace better for me.