Tiffany: 1.36 F & 1.42 F - need your help to decide

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  1. Hi there!

    I am about to buy an engagement ring from Tiffany (I now, totally overpriced, but what can I do - it's my girlfriend's dream). Those are the diamonds of the two rings (round brilliant, with bead-set band) they offered me (certificate is from Tiffany):

    1.42 F VS1
    Shape Round
    Cut Brilliant
    Measures: 7.15-7.19x4.48mm
    Fluorescence: None
    Precision of cut: Excellent
    Symmetry: Excellent
    Polish: Excellent
    Total depth: 62.5%
    Table size: 56%
    Crown Angle: 35.5%
    Pavilion Depth: 43.1%
    Girdle Thickness: Slighty thick
    Girdle Finish: Faceted

    1.36 F VS1
    Shape Round
    Cut Brilliant
    Measures: 7.09-7.11x4.36mm
    Fluorescence: None
    Precision of cut: Excellent
    Symmetry: Very Good
    Polish: Very Good
    Total depth: 61.4%
    Table size: 59%
    Crown Angle: 35.4%
    Pavilion Depth: 43.0%
    Pavilion Angle: 40.8°
    Lower Half: 75%
    Girdle Thickness: Medium to Slighty thick
    Girdle Finish: Faceted

    The 1.42 ring would cost me $25.600 (incl. tax), the 1.36 ring would cost $24.600 (incl. taxes).

    I am tending towards the 1.42 carat ring. Do you see anything fundamentally wrong with it (other than the price, I know Tiffany has a markup, but let's say compared to other Tiffany rings and cut-wise)?

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Your GF is going to love either ring! You are a nice guy! They both seem lovely and after reading the specs I can't see where you would go wrong with either. Of course, being a girl myself, I'd like the bigger stone! LOL!

    When you buy from Tiffany's you are getting more than the jewlelry itself, IMO. You are getting piece of mind and the security that comes with knowing you are getting what you pay for. They are top-notch and have high standards. My DH just bought me an upgraded enagement ring and we looked at Tiffany's. Had they had a ring in stock that was the size I wanted we would have bought it immediately.

    They did offer to have one sent in for us to look at it, but it took a few days and in the meantime I found one at a small, independent store.

    In the end the extra money you may end up spending for a Tiffany's ring is well worth it. Your GF will be happy with her ring for the rest of her life.....and that's the point.;)
  3. Id personally go with the smaller stone as the girdle is thinner and less of the weight is taken from it. But that's just me. :smile:

    With that extra 1000 you have you can buy her the plain tiffany band to match.
  4. Personally, I do like the 1.42K because Precision, Symmetry and Polish are Excellent. The only thing bothering me is the slightly thick girdle.
    Oh...I know diamond shopping is tough, but anything Tiffany sells is excellent. I have diamond studs from there which I adore!
  5. @LeeLee: Thanks! It makes one feel good knowing that a nice ring is always appreciated ;)

    @ame: This is where you definitely know more than I do and which is why I posted the question. I have really no idea how the size of the girdle (slightly thick vs. medium to slightly tick) can influence the overall experience of the diamond.

    @lovehermes: I agree with you. I was going for the larger ring because they gave it higher cut ratings. Regarding the girdle, since ame also already brought it up... is it something I have to worry about?

    Btw, I also inquired @ Cartier, and they offered a 1895 solitaire (so not pave; the two Tiffanys are with bead-set band), 1.51 H VVS1 @ 26$ (incl. taxes). I have no gemological data on it.
  6. I think since the girdle is not thick, but slightly thick, it should be fine. Honestly, I would ask your SA....could he/she look on their computer for other diamonds at other Tiffany stores. Before I decided on my earrings I had some others brought in to the store. It's a big purchase so I would check everything in their system as long as you're in no hurry..HTH.
  7. She already did and those are the "new" rings she offered me. Before, they showed me a 0.91 G, a 1.22 E, and a 1.32 D ring.

    It's weird; although I don't think I am in a hurry, the sales people give me the feeling that I should be in a hurry. Like, either because my girlfriend is really waiting for it, or because it takes them so much efforts to order the rings from remote stores. Tiffany was actually OK, the Cartier store I visited was a lot worse and they made it like, are you sure you like this ring?, before they actually ordered it to the store.
  8. I think that the 1.42 F VS1 must be beautiful!!
    It all depends on what you feel is the most important...size, color, clarity. The 1.32D, D Color, must be gorgeous too!! Oh....I'm no help. This is difficult because I can't really decide what will make you both happy.
  9. Definitely the 1.42. The cut is ABSOLUTELY the most important factor and this has excellent in all 3 categories of cut, symmetry and polish. It will sparkle like crazy! All the best!
  10. I'll see the rings in the shop next week. I am really happy now, especially when you guys think that these are nice stones, especially the 1.42 one, towards which I am tending :happydance:.

    lovehermes, I saw the 1.32 D (VVS1), and it was wonderfully-icy-white. Unfortunately, it was also above my price range (@ $36k).
  11. Oh that price is disgusting!:nuts:
    My diamond earrings are 1.57 G VS1 and they are very bright, also everything is excellent and it has a medium to thick girdle....I just checked the certificate.
    So now I feel the F must be a gorgeous color!!
    Great choice!:yahoo:
  12. We should still remember that weight does not always equal size...... in this case though the dimensions seem to show that the 1.42 is slightly larger and though a thick girdle can use up weight in the wrong way it is only slightly thick, the other is medium to slightly thick so there is not much difference. Furthermore, the 1.42 could not possibly get all Excellents if the slightly thick girdle were an issue. I say in the end go with what looks best to you, but that 1.42 sounds like a lovely choice, in my honest opinion diamonds are not exactly an investment, of course you want the best for your money but it also comes down to actually loving it and not getting overly hung up on the specs.
  13. great choice to go with Tiffany.That blue box is going to melt her heart :heart:

    I would go with the 1.42 since the it's all excellent. I wouldnt worry abt it since it's not thick, just slightly thick. Sounds like a great choice for your sweet heart. I personally dont think Tiffany hurrys. It might be the particular SA. Also, set your mind on what you and your loved one like. There's no need to feel hurried. It's your big day, not theirs.
  14. "They did offer to have one sent in for us to look at it, but it took a few days and in the meantime I found one at a small, independent store."

    I would check an independent jeweler before I spent that much for a Tiffany ring. Yes, the name means peace of mind, but there are always local jewelers who
    can provide the same guarantees.
  15. I would use the Holloway Cut Advisor to compute what would be most pleasing to the eye. Here's the link:

    You want a stone to have an HCA value of 0-2.