Tiffani Thiessen @ Juicy Couture store opening in Beverly Hills, November 6

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  2. She looks good. Love her coat.
  3. she looks great, so happy.

    good for her
  4. aw reminds me of the saved by the bells days
    she's glowing~
  5. I was thinking the same. kelly kapowski haha Zach(mark paul gosselar) was hot haha She looks great!
  6. She is so pretty!
  7. I still think of her of Kelly from Saved by the Bell. :p
  8. i know right?!!!
    i LOVED saved by the bell...
    sigh bringing back such good memories...:girlsigh:
  9. She looks nice, and I have that coat!!
  10. looking great!
  11. wow haven't seen "Kelly" since SBTB..!! Those were the days!;)
  12. i love her!! Saved by the Bell is one of my favorite shows!!

  13. And I do think of her as Valerie from Beverly Hills 90210, :nuts:. She is sooo pretty.
  14. Ooh, love her coat!
  15. She is so gorgeous...very fresh-faced

    I am impressed that despite her growing up in Hollywood she still seems very normal and down to earth.

    LOVE her!! And she was the most GORGEOUS bride on her wedding day.

    Thanks for posting!!