Tiered Skirts:Do you Wear Them ?

  1. Do you like tiered skirts ?

  2. Can't wear them -- not until I lose 15 pounds of gut & butt!

    We were out shopping and my BF picked out one that he thought would look cute on me, but I knew better than to even try it:rant:

  3. i don't wear them, IMO the look is kind of over. there are so many other really cute shapes for skirts!

    plus, all the horizontal lines that a tiered skirt involves can be quite unflattering.
  4. no.
  5. No, I agree with Amanda that the look is over..
  6. Mine don't look like any of the picture posted, but I still wear mine. I'm not ruled by the trends so it doesn't really bother me that it's "out" :rolleyes:. In the hot weather, tiered skirts are very comfy.
  7. the only cute one you posted is the short one. I hate long hippie skirts
  8. Back when Boho was big I did, but now NO NO for me.
  9. Nope. I am bottom heavy - so, these are not a good look on me.:sad:
  10. No way, too hippie chick. Unflattering to most as well.
  11. Nope-- I didn't like them when they were popular and I still don't....
  12. I had two that I wore last summer. Loved them!
  13. no i am too old for doing the boho chic and it would look costumy on me
  14. I have something similar to the last skirt, but I only wear it when I'm going sunbathing.
  15. nope. too fussy for me, i don't like tiers or frills on anything.
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