Tieks by Gavrieli

  1. I've never heard of this brand before until I saw a few tpf'ers talk about how comfortable they are for people with wide feet. I'm totally clueless about this brand so I was wondering if anyone could provide some information and experience from their flats. I do have extremely wide feet and was wondering how comfortable they are compare to other brands and how do their sizes run. Also, can you only buy Tieks online at their website or do department stores carry them too? Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I would love to see some modeling pics as well!
  3. I love tieks! they are so functional and i love that they all have that blue bottom! I'll take pics of mine on and off
  4. these are camel. when there is another coupon code I will buy a pair in black. My only complaint is that they smell like glue. good thing they are far away from my nose! the box is how they come delivered. They also include a little pouch for you to carry them in and clips to shorted your pants (if you were previously wearing heels and put these on for comfort) I am a size 7 and I believe they run TTS. They come folded and the company states that it doesnt affect the shoe at all and I have not had any problem with the folding. pics to follow
  5. [​IMG]
  6. enjoy
  7. Thanks for the pics! I hope to see more! :smile:
  8. You're welcome!
  9. I recently got a pair. Love them! They're very comfortable to wear. They only thing I don't like is the strong smell that has been mentioned already. How long did it take for the smell to dissipate for you? I'm afraid to put them in my purse because I don't want the smell to transfer.
  10. the smell went away after wearing them once
  11. I have a pair of navy ones and they're really comfortable. I have really flat/wide feet and they get more comfortable with use. :smile: I think they run a little big and they only come in full sizes so I sized down (from 39.5 to 39). Between these and my Lanvin flats, I rarely ware anything else. They have much better (thicker) soles than regular ballerinas too.

    Maybe because I'm in Asia and it takes longer for the shoes to get to me (?) but I didn't notice any glue-related smells...
  12. i want them in black too but I'm waiting for a coupon code...
  13. Does anyone know how these fit? I've been hearing mixed reviews. I am a size 7-7.5 and I wear 7.5 in tory burch reva if that helps! Should I get the 7 or 8?
  14. I LOVE my Tieks - I was saving up for a pair of Lanvin flats but ended up getting 5 pairs of Tieks instead :graucho:
  15. Anyone have any pics of their Tieks? I was thinking about getting black or metallic pewter. If you like them on FB you get a code for 20% off through tomorrow. I'm almost tempted to get both colors.

    Also, has anyone worn them while walking around all day? I will be walking around NYC next month and I would like to wear flats. I have a pair of AGLs from Nordstrom on the way, not sure which will be more comfortable? Anyone have comparisons? TIA!