Tie Case - Recommendations

  1. Hello Again! Also need a recommendation for a tie case, does anyone know if Louis Vuitton or Hermes carries them? My husband is always carrying his tie around when he heaved the apt in the summer, I would love to find him a case he could either carry in his hand until he gets into the office or slip into his jacket pocket. without having the tie cress from folding it. TIA!
  2. not sure about tie cases, but i think if he rolls them in his luggage or pocket, it should help with the creasing
  3. Hermes produces just about every knick-knack you can think of, especially for various men's accessories. I've seen things I've never even heard of done by Hermes, but the downside is I'm sure that such things are specialties, so they're probably produced in very small numbers for a select few stores and are very expensive. You could try going to various respectable men's stores, from Brooks Brothers to Paul Smith to Kiton and etc. and I'm pretty sure somewhere you'd be able to find what you're looking for. And often, most men's brand websites (or clothing sites in general) don't list everything they sell, and if nothing else I believe you could order something custom from a store like Hermes.
  4. Thank you mr. couturier, I was thinking of having something custom ordered as well but I am concerned it wont be ready for Xmas. I'll stop by Hermes this weekend and see what they have.