Tidying up before the "cleaners" come?

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  1. hahaha

    I thought I was the only one. I "pre-clean" strip the bed in the master bedroom and start the laundry too. I would die a thousand deaths of shame if anyone ever thought I kept a dirty house.

    I think in many ways people make moral judgments about women based on their housekeeping, homemaking, childrearing skills.
  2. That's exactly what my Dad asks too "if you hired cleaners why are you tidying up?!"
  3. yes!!! my mom cleans everyweek before the cleaning lady comes. and she makes me help!!
  4. I know so many people who clean before the maid comes. It is so funny because that is why you have a maid....
    My sister just hired 3 maids to come once every two weeks and they literally are like personal organizers. They redid her closets, drawers, rearranged furniture. They rearranged her table arrangements, like having a decorator stage your house. I still can't figure how they got every inch of her house spotless. He house was pretty clean to begin with (no kids or pets--so it was never messy).
  5. i told my kids when they were young that if i had to pay extra because the maids were picking up their junk i would dock their allowances accordingly. they are there to clean not pick up after them. i never had to dock their allowances....
  6. It so funny that you posted this, because my bf and I were just talking about this! I tiddy up every week before the house cleaners come because I really want them to be able to clean instead of pick up after us, plus I love coming home from work to a perfectly clean and tiddy house. My mother did not always do this, but that is because she had a house keeper who did more than clean - I'm not there yet, but hopefully someday, I too can have a house keeper too ! :smile:
  7. gosh, we're looking for cleaners and cant seem to find anyone that we trust not to steal.. do you guys use a private person or a service, like Molly Maids?
  8. Since I am my own cleaner I figure the cleaning beeyotch can deal with the mess I leave (and she had best not steal anything!!) :P
  9. I despise Tuesday nights, because the cleaning ladies come on Wednesday.

    Amanda, I had to laugh, because I don't let my children call them "maid" either. I correct them and say "the ladies who help mommy clean"...complete yuppie guilt!!!!
  10. This whole concept drove me NUTS as a kid! And then one day in college we hired someone to come clean our apartment... and it finally made sense. I didn't want someone putting away my stuff, I figured that was even more of an invitation to look through my things and yes, the whole reason they were there was to clean, I can pick up my own laundry, etc. I think if you have a live in, that's a little different, they learn where eveything goes eventually. But for someone that is coming once a week or every other week, they're not going to remember where every random thing I commonly leave thrown about my floor goes. So I guess... I've converted and understand it all now...
  11. KMD, I hired her through word of my mouth from one of my friends. She's very happy with her services so I felt I could trust her. She's not a part of a "Molly Maids" type service but operates privately.
  12. My husband says the same thing!

    I have three messy, messy, messy kids & I find myself picking up AND cleaning before my cleaning lady came to my house.

    I need a new cleaning lady mine fell off the face of the earth... I really hope she didn't get deported. She truly was a GEM. I was able to trust her and she did a great job. I haven't found someone to replace her yet.:sad:
  13. if i didn't pick up the clutter and put things in closets and off counter tops they would never be able to clean and i would feel like such a slob leaving all my junk out!
  14. I am so guilty of this. My Hub thinks i'm nuts !
  15. Haha my mum still does this, drives me crazy!
    Me I have a housekeeper 5 days, she has to take me as she finds me! Most times everything is A ok & she just does the heavy work like changing beds & my pet hate - ironing etc. I like the house to be tidy & even though I pay my housekeeper a weekly wage I still find myself tidying up constantly after my kids!
    If I had to do it all over again I would make them do their own rooms as they knew the housekeeper would do them from day 1!