Tidying up before the "cleaners" come?

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  1. Growing up, before the cleaners would come to clean our house my mom always insisted I "tidy" up my room a little before they come like putting things away(more like shoving things into the closet!). SO and I finally to decided to hire someone to clean our place since we've been pretty busy. I'm thinking I should probably "tidy" up again to at least get the clutter out of the way and out of embarassment at the level of current messiness. :P Anyone else do this too?
  2. I do it every week!!!! lol

  3. Me too! Gotta get the little stuff out of the way cause they will just clean around it.
  4. Yes, I do too...it always cracks my husband up, he says you're cleaning for the cleaners?...butI figure their job is to clean, not pick up, kwim?
  5. I have 3 kids...yet I consider myself still fairly "hot:wlae:" Picking up is important to me. I often find tooth brushes in toy boxes, or blush brushes in the kitchen drawer! If they don't steal and only clean up to 50% of your expectation....u have a gem!
  6. Glad, I'm not the only one. I've got until next Thursday to clean up the clutter!
  7. LOL Yes I would definitely do this as well! :smile:
  8. This was always something that made me laugh... but we always had to do this growing up. Makes sense, but seems like such an oxymoron
  9. ditto! every week i go thru the "must tidy up before she comes" routine :roflmfao: hubby thinks i'm nuts for doing it but i can't help it! :yes:
  10. This is so me... :shame:
  11. I always do it too! I don't mind the tidying part of cleaning; I just hate the wiping and scrubbing. I figure if I tidy up, she can spend more time getting the dirt out of things instead of picking up all my junk! (Plus she likes to move things around so it makes it harder for me to find things when she tidies for me.)
  12. I think economically it makes good sense. if you pay your cleaner by the hour, why waste your money on picking up? at least that is how I see it. anyway, not a great fan of stuff flying all over the place, at least it should be contained to one room in the house.

    my parents are friends with a couple who pay their cleaner a fixed salary - and hired her to pick up after them! in that case, fair enough I guess.
  13. Well, let's rephrase this. Does anybody NOT tidy up before they come? I've stopped having anybody but the carpet cleaners when needed, because I work myself to death - not only before they come - but while they're there. Don't want a cleaning lady thinking I'm lazy, you know. :nuts:
  14. that title sounds so like me, you've got another friend in me. :P
  15. my mom used to ALWAYS make us do this when we were young. it drove me absolutely batty, and the concept still does, even though i understand why we did it now.

    she also wouldn't let us call her the maid. it had to be 'cleaning lady.' yuppie guilt, anyone?