Tidbits of REAL advice during pregnancy or post-pregancy

  1. I found information about pregnancy and post-prenancy by trial and error. No-one steped up and told me some VERY key advice etc... so~ I thought this would be the place to post our BEST advice.

    Let's help make pregnancy the easiest and most comfortable together shall we?

    Ghost's key advice~
    1. Take the drugs...wether it be for labor pain, c-section (surgey) pain. I did not take any (no morphine etc...) Post c-section as I was afraid I would become addicted as my mother is an alcoholic...DUMB. I was in so much pain and it took me longer to recover. ALSO~ take the laxitives! I ended up in the ER with bowel difficulties all because I wouldn't take the drugs...

    2. Have plenty of Super Absorbancy pads, panty liners and desitin for YOURSELF. You will NEED them all and use them all. You are wet constantly for a month and the desitin saved my butt.

    3. Use a Pillow over your c-section to harbor the pain when coughing/walking etc...The extra pressure really helps. I wasn't sick (coughing) before delivering, but developed a cough after the baby came...the DR's say that that can happen as a bodies reaction to surgery etc...

    4. Take ALL the help offered to you...this is one of the only times you may ever get it! LOL!

    5. If your child is REALLY REALLY gassy...Wrenching in pain, he/she may be allergic to milk/lactose. Document how frequent and take them to the DR. My son was and no-one advised me that this could have been his problem. It was~ for 2 months he was in pain, finally he broke out in a rash (the bodies way of saying..hello something in wrong here) and went to soy formula...3 days later Happy content baby.

    6. If you have a boy and have him circumcised~ his penis may turn a little blue from any anesthesia the DR. may have used. We were not told this and thought something was really wrong!

    That is it for me...hopefully others will join in so we can all help each other~ Happy Pregnancy all!:tender:
  2. Good thread Ghost! I am sure I will come up with more later but here's what I can think of pregnancy memory and all:

    TRIPLE MARKER SCREENING: This test is very flawed and there are a lot o false positives. My first daughter was born 17 months ago, no problems. My second pregnancy I wasn't expecting problems. Triple Marker Screen came back 1 in 78 chance of Downs Syndrome. Those results started the worst three weeks of my life. I ended up with high blood pressure, in the ER, stressing out and getting an amnio which showed that baby was okay. It was awful. If you get results that are alarming take them with a grain of salt.

    AMNIOCENTESIS: I didn't expect to have one but it wasn't that bad. The waiting for the results was the worst part of it. Recent studies have shown that it is much safer than previously reported.

    Gestational Diabetes: With this pregnancy along with all the other craziness I ended up with Gestational Diabetes as well. PM me if you want more information about it.

    NATURAL vs CSECTION: My labor was long. After many hours and petocin it was found that although baby's head was down she was facing out and not in, therefore, her head would not drop. The dr wanted to do a csection but with the help of a wonderful labor and delivery nurse I tried laboring on my hands and knees (not pretty, I know...) and baby turned and I was able to deliver naturally. I am soooo thankful for that.

    DRUGS: I have to agree about the drugs. I wasn't planning on it but after 18 hours, Petocin, and Baby facing the wrong way (out vs in but head down) I took the Epidural. I wouldn't have lasted the other 18 hours afterwards had I not taken it. Nothing is wrong with taking an epidural, if you need it, take it. No one will think badly about you.

    HEMMOROIDS: A doughnut pillow does help.

    As I think of more will post more.
  3. same problem as rileygirl with the baby's head - labour was a blast compared to the pain of bone against bone... (I am sure you can relate). seriously, contractions were nothing. I was deadset against epidural (not sure about meds AFTER giving birth though to be honest) but after over 20 hours in labour I gave in. i was also against a c-section but he just got stock and there was no way out.

    c-section: my advice to get moving as soon as possible. you heal much faster. the longer you lie the more likely you will be very weak and you can reduce deep-vein thrombosis meds that way. i know it hurts like hell but I was up and about the next day and was out of hospital after 4 days.

    if it is part of your health system get the midwife to visit you frequently in the first 10 days - it was great for me bec she helped me so much with nursing.

    not every big baby means GD - they tested me twice and my child is just big. good idea to avoid giving in to each sugar craving though - it sounds dull but pregnancy is not really an excuse to eat whatever you want, in the interest of your child and yourself.

    try to limit weight gain to 33lbs max if you can. easier for you and the baby, easier to lose and easier to move during birth. here they are really fussy with weight gain.

    nursing: i had problems in the beginning bec a lot of milk. lying down is the best way then bec your baby can latch on faster. btw, relaxing is a very important part for successful nursing. a student nurse stressed me out like crazy in the hospital one day and that really didn't help. she told me if my baby didn't get enough food (c-section delays milk by 1 day) he would have to stay longer.... a seasoned nurse just laughed that off. they are pretty resilient although hungry of course.

    sleeping: i know it may not work for every child but I read b4 giving birth that starting a sleeping routine from day 1 is good. I did that and it worked like a treat. my son got used to falling asleep after his routine without me having to sit there and rock him or anything. I am very easy to give in with other stuff but sleeping routine is important for my nerves and work schedule. he is 1 year now but still wakes up a couple of times a night bec he is thirsty or had a dream. no biggie though - he has his teddy from day 1 as a comforter, i have to leave the door open otherwise he got upset also from day 1 and he expects me to take him out 1 more time, like reading a bedtime story. it works for us anyway. if it doesn't though - don't worry it may just take longer.

    phew - I wrote a book I guess...
  4. another one: to get the cervix back to normal I was lying on my stomach on a pillow for 30 minutes every day after giving birth - it worked brilliantly even though i had a c-section. a physio showed me though how to move in the beginning as you should obivously move through the diagonal abs and be careful of your pelvic floor, otherwise you could hurt yourself.
  5. Thanks ladies (or should I say mommies). Great advice!! Keep them coming please.
  6. Okay, here's some info that helped me out a lot!

    1. Swollen feet- Drink lots of water and elevate feet!

    2. Tucks medicated pad with witch hazel- OMG, I put these on my absorbency pads up until I was completely healed. Definately feel the difference.

    3. Magnesium sulfate- It was given to me intravenously to prevent seizures for my second child because they felt I had Preeclampsia. Gives you hot flashes and wipes you out. Best thing is to keep the lights and noises low. Otherwise you feel overwhelmed and that's when you feel the hot flashes.
    After delivery, this effect baby too so don't be alarmed if baby is sluggish. DH had to remind the nurses when my son didn't cry and looked limp. Luckily my son bounced back really fast.

    4. Boppy- Not just for breastfeeding! It's so perfect to sit on during the ride home. Trust me!

    5. NO UNDERWIRE BRAS!- I had a problem with clogged ducks and it was because of this! Worst stinging pain that felt like needles. Breastfeeding can be a pain but if you hold out, it can be the best bonding experince for you and your child.

    6. Gripe water- Works wonders for a baby with colic. My kids didn't have colic but when the gas was bad, they cried. I gave them gripe water and it worked instantly.

    7. Drugs- Gotta love it! Didn't do squat with the second one though. I was in labor for 3 days because I was induced. They gave me the epideral on the second day after petocin set in. Because I had the epideral for so long, it wasn't as effective as it could've been if they had given it to me 30 minutes before delivery. Trust me, I felt it all with number 2!

    8. Life Savers- I wasn't allowed to eat anything but ice chips when I had my son. No food for 4 days because I was on magnesium. You continue to stay on magnesium 24 hours after delivery. Life savers were great to suck on. Ya might need to consult your doctor though. Some are pickier than others.

    Hope this helps. Can't think of anything else.
  7. 1. If you have been in a car accident and have neck or back damage-tell the anesthesiologist. Otherwise, it will take months to recover from the epidural.

    2. If they offer you a sitz bath-I don't know if they still even do, run with it. You have nice warm water running over the areas that are sore-it is so soothing

    3. If your baby has some difficulty nursing, but you still want them to have the benefits, rent a hospital grade breast pump or buy a really good electric pump. My middle child has a very high roof of his mouth and couldn't get suction on a breast, but I pumped and bottlefed(supplementing with small amts of formula) and he hardly ever gets sick, is the tallest kid in his class, and smart as a whip. I wish someone had told me that with my oldest-it did make a HUGE difference-my oldest has always had problems that could have been solved if I had pursued nursing with him.
  8. yeah thumbs up for the nursing pillow! still using mine for sleeping :smile:. oh, and nursing is really a great bonding experience.
  9. My hospital sent me home with a plastic sitz bath basin to place over my toilet at home, it was a lifesaver! And the plastic squirt bottle they sent home, for rinsing my stitches (I tore when her shoulders came out, needed 3 stitches.)

    The biggest mistake I made was trying to be tough and handle everything without help. I even refused any drugs until 7 cm even though I had already paid for an epidural ahead of time and had planned all along to get one! I just wanted to be tough and everyone kept saying "you are so miserable, let us help you." I also tried to be tough after we got home and wanted to do everything for the baby myself. I ended up overwhelmed.
  10. The advice I have is for c-section patients...
    1) ask for a girdle type thing to wrap your belly after the
    surgery right away. It saved me so much pain
    afterwards. The nurses can order it from the hosp
    pharmacy but it takes a couple hours to get. Or you
    buy one... I think at babies r us. It holds everything together so your belly doesn't jiggle causing so much pain. Works for the coughing and sneezing too =)
    2) If this is your 2nd c-section... ask your ob/gyn to completely cut out your old scar. Some cut on top of the old scar and it heals awfully.
  11. Here is some good advice that not many people like to talk about. I WISH someone had informed me of it.

    After pregnancy, when you milk comes in and goes out (for those who don't breast feed), there are 3 types of post-pardum that can happen to you. It's very normal.

    Baby Blues, Post-Pardum Depression, and Post Pardum Psychosis.

    Baby Blues sets in and you feel a little bit blue. Not exactly as happy as you thought you'd feel but you can't really put your finger on it.

    Depression sets in and this feels much worse. This is what I had. Women have feelings like they don't want the baby, they don't want a family, they don't want a husband, and what will they do because they can never tell anyone this. TELL SOMEONE, PREFERABLY YOUR DOCTOR!!!! These feelings happen because your hormone levels are so out of whack after the baby.

    After I have my first, my son, I actually felt the hormone crash, it was just like a drug crash or having 6 PMS periods at once!! I felt all of these horrible feelings and couldn't tell anyone because I believed that it is how I really felt. The shame I felt at myself for having these feelings was almost too much to bear and I thought what a horrible person I must be to not want my baby and my family. What kind of a person feels this way?? I thought about they would be better off without a person like me. I even thought the only way to escape this is to kill myself. Finally, I told my husband what I was feeling and the poor thing spent everyday on the internet printing these things for me to read and all I could say was...."I don't have this! I am telling you this is how I really feel"

    Because you DO think you really feel that way...but it TRUELY is the hormones.

    If you have ANY of these feelings...talk to your doctor right away. They can help you with hormone supplements that make this much better much faster. Don't be embarrased like I was. When my OB found out she couldn't believe that I didn't come to her after she took care of me for 9 months. She said "You didn't have to suffer like that." And it was true.

    So, if anyone finds themselves feeling this way...don't worry and don't be afraid to get help. Also, it helps to educate yourself as to the things that can happen even after you have the baby because it really doesn't stop, for a lot of women, with the birth of the baby.
  12. I don't have children yet but please keep posting very informative though a bit scary too :smile:
  13. My best advice is to not expect everything to be perfect!!! While I was pregnant with my 2nd, everyone with multiple kids was telling me how wonderful it was going to be, and how east to adjust! I had my daughter....and it was SO HARD!!! No sleep, and then having a 2 year old also...no help....jealousy....keeping the house clean....everything was a lot harder than i expected. I felt that I was doing lousy, and really let down with myself...until one day when my daughter was 3 months old...I told my stepmom, and she asked me, "Who is expecting you to be perfect??" She then informed me that everyone goes through the same thing...and that it IS HARD at first!! It took a big load off my shoulders!!!

    I've given birth with an epidural (DD #1) and WITHOUT an Epidural (DD #2).

    I can hands down say that having the epidural made the first experience AMAZING and I was so relaxed. I was stupid and trying to do things natural the second time...no asprin, no meds, nothing. The labor was quick but the birth was painful and I couldn't stop shaking for two hours after Shoshie was born. My body was in such shock from the pain that I couldn't even hold her comfortably. As one of my friends said to me..."They DO NOT give out awards for having natural childbirth, just relax & TAKE THE MEDS if you need them."
  15. No one ever told me how much I would bleed after birth - OMG. GET GIANT PADS and GIANT PANTIES to hold your pads (trust me - they don't fit in a thong)

    I bled hard for 2 weeks - one of my friends bled for 6 weeks!