Ticks out already

  1. This week alone, I have pulled not 1 or 2 ticks off of Grayson but 3:wtf: . I went to the vet today and got some frontline for Grayson, but geez I am not a happy camper and am very cautious with him. I know I am getting on his nerves.

    Grayson just wants mom to leave him alone!! I hope he will be alright!
  2. Yuck! Guess it's already time to Frontline our dogs. Now that it's warming up a bit we'll be taking our dogs hiking in no time. I hate ticks! They're so disgusting.
  3. I hate them too!!! Grayson is still a pup and this is week has been a nightmare!!
  4. Yes, I hate putting flea meds on my dogs, I always feel like I'm poisoning them, and then if you pet them you get it on your hand, and have to wash your hands constantly. haha I really don't like doing it even though its necessary.
  5. Oh no ! I guess the ticks are out early with this crazy unpredictable weather we have been having.