Ticks!!! Need help please!

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  1. Hi all,
    So I moved from the city( San Francisco) to the mountians and so I do not know what to do and I HATE bugs!!! they freak me out!!!!

    We went for a walk yesterday and later last night while our dog was sleeping on top of our bed I noticed something on his ear. It was a TICK!!!! yuck!!!!! :wtf:
    Anyways my boyfriend picked 5 Ticks off the dog and we were both totally grossed out. I took a small comb and searched the dog again.

    I thought we got them all.

    Well this morning I was reaching for my laptop on the floor next to the bed and guess what I saw????

    Yes, A tick on the carpet!!!!!

    I picked it up and threw it in the toilet. I looked around the carpet and found 1 more. I then looked at the dog who is on my bed again and there was a big Tick in his belly. Freaking out!!! I got it out! :cry::throwup:

    I'm going to the vet today to get this tick collar for the dog, but I'm totally freaked right now about the house.

    The dog is an inside dog and was all over the house lastnight b4 we saw the ticks.
    What should I do????

    I guess I'm going to have to strip down our bed and wash everything but what about the carpet????

    I think people up her think I'm a freak b/c they are used to this stuff but I'm not. Also do I need to take the dog to the groomers to get bathed? I asked the vet and they said just use the collar and leave the dog outside and if any more ticks are on him they will fall off. Oh this is all so gross. Now I'm afraid there are Ticks in my hair and I have long dark hair.

    Also there was the BIGGEST spider yesterday on our wall when we got home. Even my dear sweet, tough, manly, boyfriend was freaked out!!!!

    I have called Clark pest control and thank god they are coming out today!!!! I will love them forever!!!! I'm totally scared to go downstairs now where the spider was. This house seems to have a lot of bugs. We are even now thinking of moving. I am totally scared of bugs and spiders the most. They make me cry. I just don't know what to do. I love the country but I swear I like my concrete jungle.
  2. Sorry about your tick problem. Getting an exterminator is the correct thing to do, since it sounds like there are quite a few in the house and not just on the dog.

    I would skip the tick collar and go directly to Frontline Plus or K9 Advantix or one of the other topical flea and tick applications. You apply it to the dog monthly and they are safe and very effective.

    Good luck!
  3. don't get the collar, they can cause serious problems for the dog and aren't very effective. get a topical treatment from your vet like frontline.
  4. We use the Frontline already but out here you have to get a tick collar. The vet said the Frontline does not repel Ticks from jumping on the dog.

    Thanks for the repsonces. I guess I'm going to have to vacume and wash all the bedding.
  5. i don't think a flea collar would stop jumping either, i'm not sure anything will. those pesticides only work when the tick bites.
  6. Ticks! Yuck! I think you're doing all the right things, though. Frontline usually works well for us, but every now and again we have to pull a tick off of one of our dogs. The exterminator is a good idea.

    Do you get your dog an annual lyme vaccine? You may not have that problem where you live, but here on the east coast it's a big problem that is spread by ticks. Also, I'm sure you've thought about this too, but please make sure that no ticks have jumped on you... we humans can get lymes disease too.
  7. The thought of ticks on my new puppy weirds me out. ick. She gets the once over every night for any crawly things because she's into EVERYTHING outside. I do keep her away from the rocks on the AZ landscaping thats everywhere here. Thats where Scorpions live and here in AZ they are as common as ants. A Scorpion bite would kill her instantly according to my vet. So when we are out walking, everyone hears me say to her "no rocks, no rocks", cause thats where she wants to go!
  8. We have a friend in Phoenix that found a scorpion in her bathtub:wtf: I can't imagine!
  9. My house is brand new, but in older homes here, if you turn on a blacklight outside at night you can see Scorpions climbing the sides of homes. We have to shake out our shoes before putting them on. The same with bedding, we have to pull the blankets back and make sure there are no unwanted visitors. The smaller the Scorpion, the stronger more deadly there sting and bite are.

    Its still new and very strange to me.
  10. Happpend to us when we got Leeloo. She was infested. I took het to the vet to get her check up. He gave me the frontline top spot and a flea/tick shampoo to bathe her with. As for the house (my 2 are house dogs and up to 3 months ago slept in bed with us) he told me to wash EVERYTHING with clorox. I did a very thorough cleaning and it did the trick. A couple of years we had a tick infestation on the front yard of the house we lived in and we just kept them indoors and carried them over the grass to do their business. I bathed them with the shampoo and everything was ok. Last year we had the same infestation on our new house and the vet sold us something to fumigate with. I put the frontline on them monthly and once in a while bathe them with the medicated shampoo.
  11. Yikes! OK Donna, you're making my skin crawl, LOL! I can imagine it would take some adjustments in your day to day living. I'm sure it's all worth it though, Arizona is such a great place ~
  12. The topical only product that I know of that works is Revolution, it controls fleas, ticks and heartworms all in one doseage. You need a prescription for it, but it's really good stuff.
    (It's also available for cats, but one of my cats became ill so I stopped using the cat version).
    Also make sure you don't get bitten by ticks either, lyme disease!
  13. I give my pup Revolution too :yes:
  14. Yuck! I hate ticks so much. I don't think a flea collar is going to help, though, and I've heard bad things about them, so I'd stick to with a flea treatment (I use Frontline).

    I heard it's a very bad year for ticks, so we just have to make sure we check our babies over. And ourselves! Ick.

    Gross story ahead... we had a very old family dog, and I was at my parents' house one day and was petting her while I was on their computer. She was old and had some lumps and bumps, and I felt a "new" one on her back. I didn't think much of it, and was sort of fondling it in my fingers absent-mindedly as I surfed the internet. I decided to take a closer look at it, and it was a TICK! It had latched on and filled up and it was full and FAT! I was sooooo grossed out because I had been playing with it! I get itchy just thinking about it. It didn't cross my mind that it would be a tick, since she never left the house or area right by my parents' porch, and usually ticks in our area stick to wooded areas. It must have come in on the other dog. :yucky:
  15. I tried three different topical treatments on my miniature dachshund and either they didn't work or they did more harm than good (the last one made his ears twitch uncontrollably). So I'm trying the collar next. He did get a vaccination, though, and so did I.
    Scorpions? EEEEEEKKKK!!!! :shocked: