Tickets Lucky Shops Promo Code Nov 10 Event

  1. Does anyone have promo code for the lucky shop tickets for the shoppign event on nov 10?
  2. PROMO CODE??????????????????????:nuts:
  3. hello- did you ever get the promo code?

    thanks - ina
  4. no -
  5. I wonder when the site goes live today. It says end on Nov 6th. I hope it's not too late.
  6. maybe lycra?
  7. Did anyone find out about the promo code?
  8. its

  9. what kind of discount is applied with the code?
  10. went to the vip event last night. it was great. if you are mj fans- they were selling bags for 175! definite steal.

    i usually go there for jewelry and didnt find a good selection this year.

    i only got away with 2 daryl k coats since i have to pace myself with all these sales.

    i thought last year was better. but its still such a fun event. and if you love clothes, thats a great place to go=)
  11. I actually just tried using this promo code and it didn't work. What kind of discount is it supposed to apply?
  12. does anyone have promo code for 2010 luck shops event?