Ticketmaster sucks

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  1. *warning* this is going to be a loong rant... i searched on tpf and didn't see any thread on just how 'wonderful' ticketmaster really is.

    I have been a long time customer of ticketmaster, well mainly because they're the main ticket sellers, and even though several things have happened that smelled fishy, i decided not to be too harsh. Even though last year ticketmaster.ca got sued for scalping... apparently for several of their sure to be sold out shows, they transferred them entirely over to their other site ticketsnow (as soon as they were released) at prices at least x5 higher.

    Well.. a couple of months ago i bought a pair of AC/DC tickets, i was at school, waiting right for that moment at 10am when the tickets were released, got a couple of crappy seats even though i clicked 2 secs after they were released, but oh well. i has it sent to my email so i can print them out myself. So, 1 month goes by, i get my credit card statement, and i find 4 MORE TICKETS to AEROSMITH which amounted to $825...!!! no confirmation email, nothing! arranged to be picked up at an outlet! wtf! so i logged on to my ticketmaster account, lo and behold, they're really there! so i called ticketmaster first, customer service told me there's nothing they can do (really?) and i have to call my credit card company, freaking out, i called my credit card company. They told me there's nothing they can do because they can't prove that i did not purchase them, however, after looking through it with them, we find out that (the idiot thieves) haven't even picked them up from the outlet (maybe they didn't realised that they needed id?:s), so they advised me that all is not lost, ticketmaster should be able to cancel them.

    fast forward 2 weeks, i've been trying to contact this guy in the credit/loss prevention department at ticketmaster, and he FINALLY called me back this morning. Rudely started the conversation with "hey so i've been trying to contact you for awhile now ":confused1: i politely explained the situation to him, in which at each statement he interrupted me with statements like "so your boyfriend didn't decide to just treat himself to a concert?" or "so u're telling me that both these sets of tickets just happen to be bought at the same ip address?" even though i already made clear that i bought these at my university, which means there are probably 300 computers under the same ip address.

    So now he mumbled something he read off somewhere about the management contacting me, and then hung up before i had the chance to say anything.

    Very professional don't u think? it seems like the main function of their 'customer service' is to explain to customers that they are wrong. What's the big deal? it's not like it's going to be a total loss to them, the tickets have not even been picked up yet!

    opinions and advice anyone? :cry: isn't there something i could do?

    p.s if u have a user account with ticketmaster, all your cc information is already there... all u need is the log in password.
  2. Hi sweets!

    Sorry, I don't have any word of advise for you as I never deal with Ticketmaster! Just wanted to say hi and sorry you have to go through this and hopefully it will all work out!

    Oh and your new puppy is super cute! :cutesy:
  3. thanks so much for that! :flowers: it's so disheartening because all i've gotten from ppl is that there's nothing i can do about it etc... :sad: $825 is a lot of money to 'lose' just like that. I'm expecting a call from the 'management' but i have a feeling that its not going to be good.

    puppeh's name is Presley~!:yahoo:
  4. Word. They're totally criminals.

    Is this show sold out? Can you pick them up and sell them for face value so you don't loose the money?
  5. wow i'm sorry... that's ridiculous ;/
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    Got a call back from 'management', he explained to me just as long as anything was purchased under your credit card number from your account, they do not consider it as fraud, and tickets are a final sale ALWAYS. whooop de doo. So i asked him so if somebody was to hack into my account and buy 10 tickets and had them emailed to him/her, that's still ok? he started quoting terms and conditions. :hrmm: which we all know... really means "just as long as our a** is covered we don't care".

  7. i don't think the show is sold out... but i am trying to sell them below cost and hopefully get rid of them SOME way quick.:sad: seeing that extra $$$ on my cc bill scares me tremendously...

    after that i'm just going to close my account with them... don't know what i'm going to do to get tickets lol but i HATE THEM... after all that's happened. :cursing:

    on a separate occasion when a girlfriend bought a couple of tickets from them, they double charged her for another 2! (2 separate invoices when she only clicked once?) and when she called to notify them 2 minutes after that happened, they said they needed to manually cancel the tickets and she had to pay an extra $36 each! daylight robbery!!!
  8. Wow, this got me worried so I logged into my Ticketmaster account but nowhere did I see that it kept my credit card information. Anyway I hope this still works in your favor. Maybe you need to change your cc number because this might happen again!
  9. I'm so sorry this happened to you! :sad:

    I hate Ticketmaster even more after reading this... They are the reason I haven't been to a concert in 7 years.
  10. it's under My Account > Account settings > Edit billing information. I'm thinking i'm going to delete my entire account altogether...! at least that way if they going to scr*w me over there's no way they could considering the fact that my account doesn't exist with them anymore.
  11. What type of university computer was this? The type where you have to log in with your student id and password? If so, there's no real way anybody would have been able to see your information if you properly logged yourself out of the system.

    If it's the type of computer that anyone can use without giving in any type of personal information (student id number, etc) then it was probably a bad choice to purchase your tickets on there. For the future, never use a public computer for anything like this...you just never know what could happen..
  12. i guess i am guilty of that :shame: well, not sure of that day in particular, but sometimes when i'm in a hurry to get to class i just click the windows logo + l shortcut.:P
  13. I agree Ticketmaster is one of the worst companys out there. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE them. There is not one good thing about them. THe same thing happened to me that happened to you. I was out the money. At least it was not as much money as you. Love how they LET you print your own tickets for more $$$ as a convenience . So they have to do NOTHING and I have to use my own ink and paper. I always let them mail them to .
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    i KNOW right isn't that the dumbest thing ever!? like its going to cost them anything to email the tickets to u.

    p.s Just so u know(since i've been going over the terms and conditions the last couple of days lol) if the tickets ever get lost in the mail...

    *Tickets for reserved seating events that are lost during the delivery process from Ticketmaster to you, or that are missing or have been destroyed, may or may not be replaceable at the discretion of Ticketmaster. If your tickets are for general admission seating, or if your tickets were purchased using cash at a Retail Outlet, whether or not to issue to you replacement tickets will also be at the discretion of Ticketmaster. However, in almost all cases replacement tickets will not be issued for general admission seating or for tickets purchased using cash at a Retail Outlet.*

    now isn't that just fine and dandy?:tdown: OMG have to be so careful!!!
  15. This may be one of the worst thing they do. I think this should be totally illegal. If an event is canceled. They do not refund the service charge. I am sorry why should I have to pay a service charge for something that was canceled. It is not my fault. They should have to refund the service charge 100% if they cancel the event