Ticker Factory.com is it spywear?

  1. Hi everybody! I love those little tickerfactory.com rulers that a lot of you have on your posts, but I was just wondering, is it spywear? Meaning, does it sit in the background and "track" the sites you're on? I want to get one, but I'm so suspcious of stuff, after having to reserrect at least one pc from spywear!
  2. I didnt even think of that, good thought though. I think if you download it, run a spyware check and see if it comes up in the found results.
    I've used ticker factory, however, i'm on a mac so things are a little different.
  3. I haven't had a problem with Ticker Factory. After you create your ticker, they give you the code to post it in various places. You don't really download anything.
  4. armcandyluvr is right. you don't ever download anything to your harddrive. it all stays on their server. you just use their code, which is no different that the codes you type to make the smilies come up or to quote someone.
  5. thanks for the input ilzabet! i need things explained in detail!