tick vaccination for babies?

  1. hi there
    any input - surely I will need to ask my pediatrician but just wanted to ask if any of you have experience, done that with their kids etc?

    we live in a 'tick'- dangerous area - my baby is 10 months so not into woods or anything but still worried....

    would appreciate your response
  2. I have never heard of such a thing.

    My kids had to have all sorts of stuff when we moved to the USA from the Uk, was quite concerned over how much stuff they had to get injected into them.
  3. it's never been offered to us, but we don't live in a rural area or an area where it's needed.
  4. Hallo Lara,

    We are also in a tick dangerous area and I have refused the vacine and I will also be refusing the Vacine for my child. Not because I don't believe in vaccines, but because I don't participate in activities where I would be at high-risk to ticks and surely my infant wouldn't be participating in those types of activites. I would maybe consider it at an older age (3 or 4) when they start going into the woods on Wandering adventures with their Kindergartens, but for now...No.

    Let us know what your Pediatrician says!

  5. Thanks for getting back. I actually looked up the vaccination recommendations after I posted this thread and here they say that it is recommended after 3 years old (so kindergarten like melanie said). we will move soon to an area where ticks are not an issue (but scorpios, snakes and other interesting wildlife... haha)

    swanky - I don't live in a rural area either but still the southern states here are really tick dangerous.

    I guess I don't quite understand where you can catch one? It seems only when you are running through the woods and stuff?