tick tock

  1. I'm going to LV after work, and I'm counting down the hours. It's noon in he UK and I'm skipping out at 4pm. Will get there by 5pm. I'm not even sure the 'thing' is still in stock.:sweatdrop:
  2. :nuts: what "thing" can't wait to see the pics ;)
  3. Ooooh what thing r u gettin MissThing !??
  4. yea! MissTHing! WHat thing are you getting? How exciting!
  5. What thing do you want to get.
  6. You have to wait and see if I get it, lol!

    (two hours to go)
  7. Such suspense. Dont forget to post pics :smile:
  8. show us after u get it!!!!

    this is exciting!
  9. 30 mintues left, this day is dragging!
  10. lol, miss thing! what store are you going to? Not the Bham store, I hope, you will take it all away from me! lol
  11. ^^^ duh, just saw your location!!! thats ok then! lol
  12. 3 minutes to 4 pm. I'm Logging off the pc now. Wish me luck, I'll either return with pics or bad news
  13. arg not even half 4 :sad: What store you going to? the Lv closest to me is tiny. Show us pics when you get back! :smile:
  14. Good luck ;)
  15. Good luck, Miss Thing!