tick tock... tick tock...

  1. let me introduce all of you to my brand new COACH watch... early b-day present from my parents... :yahoo:
  2. Its so pretty!! Happy Birthday
  3. Love the watch!! Happy birthday!
  4. It's gorgeous!! I love it!! Congrats and happy birthday!! :smile:
  5. Happy Birthday! It's very pretty!
  6. Happy Birthday! Very nice watch!
  7. Lovely! Happy birthday!!
  8. Tick tock... whatcha waitin' whatcha waitin' whatca waitin' for... :jammin:

    Now that I have that song in my head.... NICE watch! ;)
  9. Very nice!
  10. What nice parents, nice watch.
  11. beautiful!!

    Happy birthday!
  12. That's a great watch! I've got one too. My husband got it for me for our first anniverary. It's a classic!!
  13. Oooohhh, that is pretty - nice looking watch - Happy Birthday!
  14. So pretty!
    Happy birthday =)
  15. Very pretty...congrats! I absolutely LOVE my Coach watch...even though it has a red croc band, it's the watch I wear the most!
    Enjoy and happy b-day!