Tick-Tock...Tick-Tock ...Who's Awaiting Delivery?

  1. I am waiting on my Chicklit - it shipped from CA and I am in NM so it shouldn't be tooooo long!
  2. I have a bag on the way! My very first Tano...a truffle SB! UPS tracking says that I should have it on FRIDAY!!
  3. My black glitterati has a delivery date of 9/8 according to UPS. But I noticed it reached San Pablo, California tonight which means it is in the neighborhood and should be with me either tomorrow or day after!
  4. waiting on my Shopper Tote .... should be here tomorrow....

    my glitterati gets here tomorrow which i am pretty sure will be going back....
  5. Me too!! Though I won't be waiting long. Bebe is out for delivery!
  6. knas - Yay for Bebe!!! I can't wait to see pics of your newest Boogie addition.

    My Carte Blanche is now supposed to be shipped today. :confused1: Why? Grrr... maybe LB will give me an additional discount since they did not ship in a timely fashion. :biggrin:
  7. You are SO lucky! I'm holding off since I've went on a bit of a purse spree ... don't wanna give DH a reason to complain!

    Can't wait for you to get the Shopper!!
  8. :yahoo:
  9. Ok this is totally off topic... but how do you multiquote these days? I used to have a button that you could click on as many as u wanted and multiquote but that button is gone and I don't know how to do it anymore. If I click quote it automatically just does whichever one I click on and I can't put more than one. :confused1:

  10. I quote one .. copy it .. and then go back and quote the other one and paste the first one. :lol:

    I'm sure there is an easier way .. I just haven't figured it out.
  11. Lol, I don't know either.
  12. Waiting on my first Tano..a ruby LRC! Should be her sooooooon!

    Question-does LB require signature on their UPS ground deliveries?
  13. My UPS guy always just leaves it on the porch.
  14. I preordered a raspberry SW from MHB!! Not sure when it will be in but I am very excited :smile:

  15. Nope - They dropped off my first 2 boxes couple of weeks ago - didn't sign ...

    And then yesterday UPS guy left it on my porch.

    You will LOVE the LRC ...