Tic Toc Croc

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  1. I had the PCE all week and wasn't going to use it because I really didn't need to spend the $$ but I took back two bags that still had the tags on and came out with one. I also still have a $290 credit for my next impulse buy. :biggrin:

    I ordered the NY Poppy fob and it should be here in a couple days.

    Excuse the eBay mess in the background.

    Small Sophia in Toffee Croc.



  2. Beautiful bag, Love the Croc..and lining..Enjoy her
  3. Absolutely beautiful bag. I love the lining. It's such a beautiful colour. I hope you enjoy her! :smile:
  4. Gorgeous! I love that shade of brown, so rich! Congrats!
  5. very rich looking bag, Toonces -- I love the detailing on the long strap!

    Enjoy your new Sophia!!
  6. oh wow..
    that is a total man-eater!
    she is superrrr stunnerrrr!!!
    congrats on the puchase!

    btw, what's with the many packages behind there? ehemmm..:graucho:
  7. love it, congrats.
  8. Absolutely stunning!! Love love LOVE the color!!! Beautiful!!! CONGRATS!!!
  9. LOL I sell on eBay. It's all second hand jeans :biggrin:
  10. We are bag twins. Gorgeous Bag. Congratulations. :yes::tup:
  11. Bag twins! (but I ordered the large!....Enjoy this beauty! Isn't the shade just so warm and rich?

    PS iuvcoach--love your avatar. Is that one of your new beauties?
  12. Wow, first Coach bag I have seen in a long time that is really beautiful - love the croc color and nice to see the lining is not that sickenting baby blue or lavender but a beautiful fushia! Congrats!
  13. Wowzer! She's a beauty!
  14. nice. i tried that one too but went in a different direction
  15. Very Pretty!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: