Tiara Girls

  1. I Watched The First Season.......& There Was A New Episode On Tonight.

    Did Anyone Watch? If It Meant My Mother (Shall, I Say Anyone)....Making Such Rude Comments To Me.......I Would Stay So Far Away!!!!
  2. Oh, that was a new episode? I had it on but I didnt get to watch it all the way through...
    I kinda like when the mother's put the girls in check on shows like this... but from what I saw, the mother wasn't in the best "shape". But she kept yelling at her kid to lose weight... that's annoying!
  3. It's funny to watch this show because I go to school with a bunch of pageant queens... my university is notorious for producing Miss Americas :rolleyes:
  4. I saw it tonight! The mom was so mean to her daughter about her weight! I think it's the worse to put your daughter in that position with that attitude.
  5. It Was Good....But, Sad!

    EDIT: Meaning The Mother^
  6. What channel is this show on? I have never heard of it. But it sounds like another guilty pleasure I can add to my list. :lol:
  7. It's On MTV!!! Of Course! :smile: It Was On Tuesday @ 10:30pm EST.......I Hope It's On Again Next Week. LauraLee ~ You Will Like This Show! :smile:
  8. I like watching this show!
  9. Thanks Bagluv...How have I missed this show?? :lol: :lol: I am going to make sure I catch it the next time it is on.
  10. Ciao Bella....Wasn't It Good??? But, That Mother!!!
  11. LauraLee ~ I Have No Idea ~ How You Missed It.....It's Definitely A Show For You!!! :smile:

    I Didn't See Any Previews (& I Was Just Thinking About The Season Before, This Week).......& Than I Turned On The End Of The Real World...& There It Was!!!!!!! :smile:

    I Like It...They Seem To Obsess More...Which Makes It Even Better!!! :smile:
  12. Bagluv-that mom was AWFUL! :yucky: I love almost every reality show on MTV.
  13. ^Ciao Bella ~ I Know! That Mother!!!! :sad: .......I Love The MTV Shows, Too!!! They Are Just Sooo Good!!! :smile:
  14. I Hope It's On Again This Week!!!