Tiara Girls !

  1. haha I watched it for the first time lastnight...I feel sorry for these girls
  2. i watched it last night too. so horrible! i felt so bad for the girl when she lost, her parents put so much pressure on her.
  3. ^^^ and how annoying was that coach of hers...If that were me, I'd rip his head off........and what was she saying, she was a pig nose drinker pot belly pig owner...wtf was that haha
  4. I only watched the show because the band Saving Jane is the theme song for it and I know the guitarist... the show was awful!
  5. May have to take a peek
  6. the show is so bad, that you just have to watch it.
  7. It Looks Boring. I Watch That Sweet 16 Though.
  8. I Like To See How Rich They Are. Lol
  9. it's surprising to me how much money is wasted for this crap. you want your child to be well-rounded, socially aware, and all that other good stuff? that's what school is for. i would never exploit my child or push my child into pageants. i'd rather save all that money for college tuitions, books, field trips, family vacations where we can all learn about different cultures together. $100/hr for a pageant coach to teach my child how to walk, speak, and present herself? there's etiquette school for that and it sure wouldn't cost a $100/hr.
  10. these sort of shows always make me laugh. the girls always say 'well, they're just jealous because I have sooo much money..blah blah' when in actuality its their parents money, not theirs, and they really don't seem to realize that. oh well.
  11. Horrible show. :Push:
  12. i cant even bring myself to watching this