Tia Carrere

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    I think she is beautiful & a good actress. :yes:
  2. It looks like shes' shed more of that baby weight. Are those chloe boots she has on?
  3. She is very beautiful just as she was back in the year 34 AD or so when she was on one of the network soap operas. Her surgeon is an artist!
  4. i have not seen her pics in a long time, she still looks good.
  5. Tia has always been gorgeous :yes: I've loved her since she was in, can't remember the name, the Arnold Schwarzenegger move she was in. What was the name of that movie????
  6. ^^^ True Lies!!!:graucho:
  7. she's still stunning.
  8. I can always count on you Irene for my Victoria fixes and now, my Tia fixes. ;) Thats the movie. One of my faves. She was awesome in it!
  9. She's so cute! Remember her in Wayne's World?
  10. I love Tia! she was also in an action adventure series where she was an
    (Indiana Jones like) archaeologist. cant remember the name of the series...
  11. She looks great!!
  12. Think it was relic hunter or sth.. she's looks great..
  13. She is gorgeous!
  14. she was great in that!
  15. she looks great!