Tia Carrere @ Distinctive Assets Gift Lounge during Andre Agassi's...

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  1. ... 12th Annual Grand Slam for Children in Las Vegas, October 6.

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  3. She looks great.
  4. Holy milf.
  5. She still looks great !!!!
  6. Ah I so remember her from waynes world and she was really pretty in Dancing with the stars
  7. She looks great! She was a tad heavier when she was on Dancing with the Stars. I believe she had just had a baby....even then I thought she looked good.
  8. Does she ever age? She looks fantastic!
  9. she looks fantastic!
  10. She's beautiful! Her skin is amazing. Great color and she's so glowy.
  11. I met her this Friday in vegas. She was at Tangerine nightclub at TI. I felt like a midget. I am 5'2 and she MUST be like 6 foot with heels or taller! I swear she was wearing the same outfit!?!
  12. she has NOT changed at all since Waynes World!!! *jealous*
  13. Beautiful woman.
  14. She's hot!