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  1. good for them.
  2. Absolutely! It's a breath of fresh air IMO
  3. I didn't catch the 1st runs of most of their shows, but I agree that they're refreshing (and real). Tamera's a bit kooky, but I really like their relationship.
  4. New season is starting in June. It should be interesting to see how things have played out for them.
  5. Can't wait to watch this show! Let's see how Tamera behaves while pregnant lol!
  6. Was she already pregnant when they started filming or did they announce her pregnancy after filming ended for this season? I can't remember the timeline, but I'd love to see if Tamera finally gets why Tia behaved the way she did when she was pregnant.
  7. I think she is due November 2012. I hope they film again in Sept, Oct and November to see if she has a different take on pregnancy after she experiences it. They will likely show Tamera on her pilot tv show rebounding on Fox.
  8. I will never understand why Tamera is always doubting her blessings...she is so hard to watch sometimes. Thank goodness her sister is more a breath of fresh air...
  9. Wow! I love how the cast of the Game is so close off the set.
  10. New season now!
  11. Tamera irks me.
  12. I know! She is so annoying. How dare you say, "excuse me stop ignoring me, when your sister is talking to her baby. WTF.
  13. [​IMG]

    throw back

    Tia Tamera and their parents

    source: Entertainment rundown
  14. Dang, I see Cree^!
  15. ^You're so right!!