Tia and Tamera - STYLE network

  1. So, no they are gettig their own full reality show on the Style network. I like these two. They seem real genuine. Anyone know them, or had interactions with them?

  2. i like them too. i'll watch.
    it's good to see them together again on TV.
  3. I'm going to watch! I love how positive and "corny" they are (a much needed change in reality tv).
  4. I like them too. I liked that little hour long special they had before. I'll be watching them.
  5. It comes on tonight.

  6. I went to church with them in Arleta, CA..... a looooooooooong time ago! They were very nice girls actually their whole family( only seen the dad once, they were always there with their mom) is pretty nice. Taj was little then and boy was he bad, Lol.
    I had no idea they had their own show, I look forward to watching it!
  7. Got my DVR set!
  8. I always liked Tamera, so I will be tuning in.
  9. Aren't they COGIC? I remember they were a bit more religious back in the day, if this makes any sense.

  10. Not sure! Their mother was very religious, from what I remember. That church was a little much for me, they use to speak in tongues, lay hands on you every second, and... it was just different. But if I stayed the weekend at my best friends house that's where we had to go every Sunday.
    This was back in their "pretty in pink" days, so early 90's.
    I can't remember the name of the church or what type of church it was. I just sent my friend a text because it's going to bug me all day until I get the name, Lol. I will post back when I get it!
  11. Mmm, I'm thinking Pentacostal...

    They used to go on TBN and talk about their faith, that's why I was wondering.
  12. Tia is married, so therefore she would be a Matron of Honor and not Maid of Honor. So... Tamara's best friend would be Maid of Honor and they both can have titles.
  13. I think it is funny they are identical because to me they look nothing alike, I always have been able to tell them apart (regardless of Tamara's mole). The Olsen twins are not identical and I could never tell them apart.
  14. Can't wait to watch, hope it's good!
  15. Right..........no need to choose, there's enough titles to go around lol