1. hello.

    I was wondering if any of you had any tips to speed up your metabolism, esp with a low thyroid?

    any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
    thank you.
  2. I would suggest taking thyroid hormone supplementation.
  3. here you can have mine *tosses it out the window*. it's a curse and a blessing.. it once took me over 5 months of hardcore protein diet and exercise to gain a measily 4 lbs. i cried. it's impossible to bulk up.
  4. I know that is a problem for some, but some of us could share some weight I'm sure :graucho:

    But honestly, that is like my brother. He doesn't have a thyroid problem, he just burns everything he eats.
  5. Eat about 5-6 small meals. If you eat many times in the day your metabolism will speed up. :flowers:
  6. I'll take it :biggrin: I have no problem gaining weight.. it's the losing part I am having trouble with.
  7. There's a really good book by Linda Rector Page called Healthy Healing that has info on natural things you can do for your condition (diet, vitamins, herbs, bodywork) If you can't find it, PM me, and I'll copy the pages from mine and mail them to you. good luck!
  8. This should never be done without a blood test and prescription by a doctor.

    Anyone who suspects a low thyroid should consult with a physician.

    That said...with true hypothyroidism, a thyroid supplement will help some with the weight (and the other symptoms), but it's not a magic weight-loss cure.
  9. I suffer from hypothyroidism (sp?). I have my blood levels checked very regularly and have my medication adjusted as appropriate.

    Even so loosing weight is a huge struggle. I was once on Weight Watchers for 10 weeks and lost 1.5 lbs!! I do try to eat several small healthy meals a day and I never eat after 7:30 (except for the occasional ice cream indulgence!!!). My condition is acerbated by chronic anemia. So I am not really ever in the mood to work out! I try to get out and walk several days a week and just stay moving, but the bottom line is I try to love the skin I am in! Sorry I am not more help :shame:
  10. I am on medication to help with the thyroid, but I was wondering if any of you could give me info on how to speed up metabolism and how to loose the weight etc
  11. Bella, make sure that your thyroid hormone is regulated and within the nnormal range. Your doctor usually adjusts your dosage depending on the level.How long have you been diagnosed with hypothyroidism? Did you lose any weight after starting the replacement? Is your weight still above the ideal body weight? If you're still overweight even after cutting down on the calories and doing regular exercises, talk to your doctor about checking you for other endocrinologic disorders.

    Here's a good link about health and fitness. Check your Body Mass Index first to determine if you're really overweight or obese ( there's a calculator on this site). There are some helpful hints and info here for healthy lifestyle.Hope this helps.
  12. I guess I share the same predicament as some of the ladies of the forum.. 5 yrs ago, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which meant my metabolism was really fast that I was having heart palpitations so they had to give me a betablocker to monitor my heart beat (I could have over 120 heartbeats per second, which they said was really fast)... anyways, a year later after that, had Radio-active Iodine and since then, I have just gained weight consistently as a result of my hypothyroidism (I no longer have a thyroid), which I hate by the way.. so now, I struggle very hard in controlling my weight coz even if I don't eat as much, my metabolism is so slow.. my doctor recommended more exercise than normal (so if most ppl can benefit from 30 minutes, she told me to double it up)...... god knows she doesnt know how hard the recommendations she is making coz up until now, I continue to struggle...
  13. My mom has problems with her thyroid now, but she swears that soy is the WORST thing for thyroid stuff, so steer clear of it if you can!

    But uhm healthy eatin and lots of exercise I guess.
  14. wasabi is not good if u r taking meds for hypothyroidism... so i guess when u eat sushi, u can't have wasabi..
  15. I have Hashimoto's Disease and have been on Synthroid for about 5 years now. Although it has helped significantly with how I feel, in terms of being tired, etc., I can't say it has ever resulted in some great weight loss. As some of the other ladies have said, make sure you are within the appropriate TCH levels and see your Endo regularly. With HD, my meds have been increased almost every year or so. (Which reminds me, time to be tested again!!) I think it always comes down to diet and excercise.