Thx to the PFers, my new Rouge VIF Chevre & Vert Anis are on their way!

  1. Hi ladies,

    Please bear with me as this is a two-part tale.

    For those of you who hand-held me through the SF Vert Anis Birkin story under the "What have you seen and where?" thread, you know that at the time it did not have a good ending as when I called on Monday after chanchan & crochetbella initially posted seeing it I was told it had been sold. I was pretty sad about it, and DH was very sympathetic. THEN Japster had posted the resale thread which indicated that my holy grail--the Rouge VIF Chevre Birkin was available at Phish for the Hip. I called them immediately. They sent a photo of the bag to me which confirmed that it was the blessed color which I then e-mailed to DH. DH did not sound happy when I called him at the office so I dropped it. He came home and asked if I wanted to discuss the bag, by which time I had resigned myself that I would just have to wait for another to appear, so I said no, and he said "fine" quickly....a little too I got suspicious...and he finally said, "I got you the bag." :nuts: You can only imagine my reaction.

    THEN a mere few hours later, a lovely SF PFer PMs me saying that she just left the H store in SF and the Vert Anis was back! Apparently the client had changed their mind about it. :wtf: I mentioned this to DH and you can only imagine HIS reaction :rant: I knew I should drop it, buuuut, having gone through the drama of losing this bag once...I couldn't do it again. So DH and I reached an agreement that I would have to fund the Vert Anis myself out of principle, and I agreed. Off to SF I went and met up with a darling and chic PFer at the store and fell in love. The pictures do not do Vert Anis justice. It was stunning. To top it off, the SA found me a Violet Chevre Bearn so I swapped out my Rouge Garance since I'd been feeling iffy about it since I had purchased it. Needless to say I am very DONE shopping for the year and DH is telling me to stay off the PF. :graucho: Here are preliminary pix of my bags, one that was sent to me by Phish, and the other I took at the H store after I bought it. :love:

    A big shout out to you lovely PFers who helped me acquire these two babies--especially Chanchan, Japster, crochetbella, and shopmom; I couldn't have done it without you :flowers: :flowers: :tender:
    Hermes rouge vif birkin.jpg CIMG0881_2.jpg
  2. WOW! That Rouge Vif is even better than I could ever imagine! Will you be getting it today or tommorow?
  3. Rouge VIF is supposed to arrive today and Vert Anis on Tuesday!
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!:yahoo: :party: That is such a wonderful story! Your new babies are totally TDF!!!! And what a sweet hubby!:flowers:
  5. :yahoo: Congrats orchids!!! I am so happy that it all worked out!!!! both bags are TDF :love: .
  6. Orchids......both bags were meant to be, girl! It'll be raining Hermes at your house this week!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!
  7. :tender: I'm sooooo glad she's coming today. That's fantastic. She's perfect for you!
  8. Beautiful! Are they both 35?
  9. Oh and I have to add, your dh sounds like an amazing guy who adores you. I think I would fall on the floor if my dh said, "I got you that Birkin" because it would NEVER happen lol.
  10. Two gorgeous bags!! congratulations :smile:
  11. Thanks for sharing in my joy ladies, and yes, they are both 35s with PH! I am beyond excited. Yes, DH is wonderful, but I think I'm stressing him out with my habit so I'm going to attempt to curb the habit a bit for as long as I can.:angel: I'm just praying that Hermes doesn't come out with any more amazing colors so that I can say that I'm really done! :girlsigh:
  12. Wow. Congrats on your lovely additions. No wait-list?
  13. How lucky you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am VERY happy for you!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: This is a great news!
  14. that's two GORGEOUS bags!! how lucky for you!! congrats!!
  15. YAY!! Congratulations, Orchids!! To Happy, Happy, ending!! And TWO gorgeous bags!! :biggrin: