Thx to all the Muscade lovers who raved!

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  1. Without you I am not sure that I would have really considered muscade, in my head I was thinking "don't need another brown bag". But after you posted your happiness and :heart: for your bags and shared gorgeous pix I had to reconsider, and I ended up getting a very gently loved muscade shoulder bag, I love it ! It really is a great brown, more seasonless than my chocolate I feel, and since my coloring looks :yucky: :throwup: with camel/tan I feel lucky to have found a lighter brown that works for me. Yay for tPF Chloe ladies! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats! :yahoo:
    Please post pics when you receive your lovely bag!
  3. Good! :yahoo: Muscade sort of slipped onto the scene on the heels of whiskey, after lots of people had sated their brown desire. I almost didn't try it, but I love it. I think I was one of your proud enablers, so I'm pleased.
  4. i LOVE muscade!!! congrats!
  5. Congrats~ I like muscade too!!!
  6. :yahoo: Yay! Congrats!

    I am a Muscade fan too - you have made a great choice there ;) Can't wait to see pics! :heart:
  7. I love my muscade. :heart: :p Glad you're happy with yours.