<thwap> Fell off Banned Wagon

  1. All this talk about the miroir lockits sent me scurrying to find out when the US is expecting them. I was told the launch is July 1 but the shipments coming from France having been really slow.

    And I turned to leave but...

    ...well, has anyone seen the khaki Love 2 tote in person? It's a really deep army green. In bad fluorescent lighting, you could maybe mistake it for brown but in anything else it just looked great. And it totally matched my outfit. And it matches today's outfit too. That took some work, let me tell you. I had a wardrobe meltdown this morning. But it rocks and the gold and silver really look nice on this color.

    Best of all, the gold patch on the back reminded me of the puffy stickers we used to swap back in fifth grade. Anyone else remember that or was it just a Brooklyn thing?

    I'll try and take a pic but it's humid and I'm having a bad hair day. Also, they're getting a wee suspicious at Lord & Taylor when I go in there and take pictures of myself.
  2. Restricter, Congrats on the amazing bag! I would love to see pics. Lord & Taylor won't mind! Sounds like your next purchase has to be a full length mirror from Walmart for $9.99!

    Please post in Karman's thread how beautiful the Khaki color is...right now the tote in Ecru is winning the vote?!
  3. congrats. its such a cute bag.
  4. LOL

    I already saw the khaki colour in person ;)
  5. Congrats we need pics LOL
  6. Congrats! I have this bag and love it!!!
  7. they sell LV at lord & taylor?

  8. No. It's 3 blocks from my office and has really good lighting and full length mirrors. I went there the other day to do a modelling pic. The other choice was the full-length mirror in the ladies' room.

    Lord & Taylor should sell/lease space to LV. Would probably help their revenues tremendously.
  9. Is it an even worse thing to want the new vernis Rosewood in Pomme? It's coming out Sunday and it's $870. But I have a silver miroir coming. Ack!!!!
  10. Glorious news! I am so happy for you as I had the same experience with this bag recently. I am seriously thinking about this little number, and I totally remember those stickers, they were a much more affordable addcition than LV!!
  11. Congratulations!!! There will always be an LV bag that entices us to fall off the banned wagon....sigh!! Luckily, I am "allergic" (lol) to open-top bags so I naturally pass over beauties such as these totes.
  12. Heehee...I can imagine someone snapping pics in a department store LOL
    See...I have non-flourescent lghting in my home...and I still swear the Khaki was brown!!!!! IDk...maybe I'm going color blind.

  13. I don''t know about that. My allowance was $1 a week and those stickers seemed about as unattainable as LV seems today.

    Honestly, I didn't really like these totes when they came out and then... BAM!

    And the PM fits neatly on my shoulder.

  14. Easy to say that but then there's the whole "clipping it closed" with a hair clip thing that I see so many women doing. Besides, the PM fits on my shoulder with no room for a pickpocket to do his/her thing.
  15. Congrats, can't wait to see your pics. I really like the khaki colour from the pics I've seen so far.:yes:
    I would get one of these if I could afford it.