Thus begins my LV repair nightmare!

  1. *sigh* So I turned in my barely two year old MC speedy for some repairs. The previous owner had abused the front pocket so it was getting a new latch and the bottom of it repaired. I was also getting the screws on the brass on the four corners tightened because they were all pretty loose.

    Well it came back today and they managed to lose the original flannel dustbag (the ones that are better IMO) and one of the corner screws is now totally missing! I didn't notice it until I got to work and was examining it, since I was too frustrated over my missing dustbag in the store!

    I've called and they told me to bring it back in, but I'm not quite sure what they are gonna do, whether they will find some way to put a screw back on in the store ( i doubt that since they couldn't tighten them in the store), or whether they are gonna mail it back out for another 4-6 week wait. :crybaby:

    On a good note, the pocket latch repair ended up not costing me anything, but i miss my dustbag. I now have one of the new bags.
    missing screw.jpg
  2. They may have some small repair items at the store don't fret at least they were able to fix your MC Speedy!:smile: Sorry they lost your original dustbag. Next time don't give them more than you have cause I learned the hard way that they loose small things that matter the most to us.
  3. Sorry to hear:sad: How annoying to only get her back and she will have to leave again :crybaby:
    Let us know what lv is going to do.
    I have lost one of my screws off my agenda.. I cant part with her so i just leave it.

  4. This is rather unnerving. I am extremely hesitant to bring any LV bag/accessory for a repair now. There have been quite a few posts detailing unpleasant results.

    I sure hope you at least get that screw put in. Good luck.
  5. Geeze, how annoying!! How on earth did LV miss that screw?! and to lose the dustbag..err, if I ever bring in a bag for repair, I'm not giving them my dustbag.

    sorry you have to go through this =((
  6. Sorry this is happening to you, how annoying. I don't know what it is with LV repairs and loosing dustbags... When I sent my Cabas Mezzo in to have the shoulder straps replaced it came back with a totally wrong dustbag. I sent it in with a pretty big, drawstring one and it came back with a small one, which was a very tight fit. I was a bit irritated when it happened.
  7. danng, i love the mc speedy!

    I am going back to the botique to look at my white one and drool over it a little more over the weekend, and see if my mom will take it home for me. ^_^
  8. I am sorry that this happen to you.
  9. sorry to hear that but missing your bag would make u realize how uch u love it ;)
  10. aww, sorry to hear about this! Doesn't it drive you nuts how people carelessly over look the the details? Hope this time LV can get it right :smile:
  11. that happened to me. I sent it in and recieved it back about 2 weeks later, and it only cost me $13.
  12. THAT SUCKS!!! i hate it when they don't take care of it like their own!!!! hope everything works out!
  13. UGH, so they shipped my bag off for another 4-6 weeks, they at least put "Please Rush" at the bottom... :sad: Let's hope it comes back with it's dustbag this time.
  14. i hope my lvs never get so bad that they need repair!!!
  15. aww hugs