Thursdays Prada Box!

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    My SA sent me these 2 bags to look at...The Gauffre frame is HUGE! I could fit my daughter in it..well..almost..LMAO!...The nylon tote is super cute with the gold lettering but it has choc brown trim which I didnt love......Not keepers..But cute to look at..
    I on the other hand found the most PERFECT PRADA skirt EVER..its coming tomorrow.....Tried it on at Saks this week but had to order it thru my fave Prada SA...SADA..LOL...Will post pics when it comes..I swear it takes 10 pounds off my butt...LMAO....:angel: :lol:
  2. OOO! Pretty bags Jill! :heart: You need to post pics of your new skirt when you get it!! :yes:
  3. The Gauffre frame is so pretty! I can't wait to see the skirt.
  4. The Gauffre is gorgeous...I adore that color. It is a BIG bag...and I like my big bags...but that may be too much!!! I can not imagine a skirt taking 10-lbs of your skinny ass!!! LOL Post it when you get it!! WOO HOO!!!
  5. ^LOL SUNSHINE!..Trust me ..this butt needs to lose 10 pounds..LMAO!(!)
    The skirt didnt come today..Another Prada store shipping error..on their part..I was really upset cause I needed it.BUT They said it will be here tomorrow.
  6. Didn't see that you'd addressed the weight issue in this thread! Still can't believe you'd need to lose that weight, though!
  7. i can't wait to see the skirt.