Thursday May 24th..Neiman Marcus Designer sale...not your avg sale

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  1. So I stopped into NM today to check out their stock of bbags and was told by the SA who regularly helps me that this Thursday is their "designer" sale. This is NOT a last call sale, this is a special twice a year sale where Chanel, Chloe, Gucci, Fendi, Dior, etc go on sale, up to 33% off, selected styles.

    Anita did not know which bags would go on sale, none of the SA's do...basically, the managers come in Thursday morning, get their markdown sheets, and voila - you show up on Thursday and get to be wowed by the top designers that are on sale.

    Anita told me that this is THE SALE to wait for - she assured me that the top names and top styles will be on sale.
  2. Will the sale extend to NM online?
  3. Not that I am aware of, after all, most of the bags available in store are not offered online.
  4. many sales, must resist...
  5. are bbags on sale too?

  6. I asked her, she reiterated that she does not know what will be on sale until Thursday. My gut says that some styles may be on sale, those that are not selling so well; after all - the pony hair bags went on sale last year at NM.
  7. Are the bags on sale for Thursday only. or will the sale continue thru the weekend or until they're sold?
  8. Just emailed 2 of my friends since I just bought 2 bags and can't get any more for a while.

  9. I would think this would be more than a one day thing, however, she said that the hot styles sell out quickly - if you have a SA you work with you can always call Thursday and have her put stuff aside for you.
  10. Thanks Loganz! I just bought a bag a 2 weeks ago, I will certainly check to see if it is included along with another I have my eye on!
  11. I have a feeling that Chloe fans can probably make out well on this sale - she made a point of saying, "Chanel, Gucci, and Chloe". Perhaps this was based on her experience in the department. Anita has been working at NM for years.
  12. This is great, thanks for posting, I'll be at michigan ave first thing thursday morning
  13. this is the sale that happens in june and december...saks also does the same sale etc.
  14. Arrgghhh.... I was happily content with my Louis Vuittons until I discovered TPF. Now I want everything. :sad:
    My husband told me that I don't need a new purse each month. But I hate to pass up these graet deals. I should at least wait until next month....
  15. SOOOOOOO FUNNNNNNNYYYYYYY, tell your hubby to get used to it....we are a bunch of real enablers and it is contagious.......must hunt the sales and we definitely need something on a monthly basis, need it or not....