THURSDAY February 1 !!

  1. What kind of damage are you planning to do?

    I have a precise list, and after that, I'm unfortunately going to have to put myself on restriction for a few months.

    Pastilles Porte Cles (red)
    Inclusion ring (red)
    Speedy Inclusion key ring (red)
    Etoile bandeau silk scarf (pink)

    I hope my store has all that stuff in so I can just get it over with in one shot :smile: I'm also kind of dreading the price increase, but I figure that since it's my last LV for a long time, I haven't got much choice.
  2. Sadly none :sad: I have no money and my boyfriend wont buy me anymore :sad: But you have a great list!!!
  3. Just the Coeur for me.
  4. My financial justification is that my company is giving out annual bonuses next month, and I usually spend some of it on a gift for myself before putting the rest in savings. So, this year I'll put it ALL in savings!
  5. Vernis plat in Framboise...
  6. What happens on the 1st? Isn't that the day when the price increase comes into effect?
  7. ^ and the vday stuff is released
  8. Just the little heart coin purse for me. it's between that or the flat pouch.

    Well technically it won't be Thurs. but more so Friday for me since I have classes on Thurs
  9. Coincidence? I think not!
  10. :nuts: I can't wait to see all of the Valentine's day stuff! That heart coin purse is adorable!
  11. Thank goodness I'm serious about my ban (no, really I am!!) or else I'd probably be getting myself the flat envelope clutch in Framboise and maybe the inclusion bracelet...but nopeeee my bank account should be happy for a few more months.
  12. Pomme heart purse and pomme inclusion bracelet.
  13. Me too! I love the heart purse, but the flat *might* be a little more practical? ahh...I'm tempted by so much! :sweatdrop:
  14. Pomme d'Amour Speedy keyring
    possibly the Pomme ring
    Amour scarf
    Pomme d'Amour heart coin purse

    I'm going to LV tomorrow though to check out the trunk show.
  15. I want a flat pouch...but I didn't put my name on waitlist...
    If I can buy it without waiting, I will buy it...if not, just save up money for big things.