1. Wow, all I keep seeing from inside my bedroom are flashes of light and then lots of rumbling. I love thunderstorms, but only when the rain is truly hard and pouring... I don't know why. Otherwise, I hate light rain... or as I like to call it, pointless rain. If it's going to rain, why not pour? There's just something so mystifying about thunderstorms. Maybe it's the noise or the darkness or who knows what. I just hope the electricity doesn't go out - then again, maybe it should so that I go to sleep and will make it to my 10:30 am class tomorrow. ;)

    So, do you love 'em or hate 'em?
  2. i honestly hate the rain (well i hate raindrops on my glasses and my nice clothes/shoes/bags getting wet) even though i know it's necessary and thunderstorms scare me....i guess it's the little kid in me but when there's a thunderstorm i call up my boyfriend and whimper on the phone until i can fall asleep :shame:
  3. Haha, that's so cute! I'm sure your boyfriend doesn't mind - he gets to be all macho about it. :smile: I have to admit - I do HATE getting my bags wet. I swear, they're the first things I try to protect when it starts to rain.
  4. it's sad the lengths we'll go to to protect our bags :lol:.......i know it's kinda OCDish but when i feel like it's gonna rain i always pack a plastic baggy inside my bags so that i can stuff it inside if it does rain.....whereas i don't have an umbrella for myself :wacko:
  5. NO WAY! I thought I was the only one who did that, haha. I refuse to carry an umbrella because it's just a hassle to carry around, but I definitely will have a plastic bag or something around for my handbag.
  6. love 'em as long as i'm indoors and have no need to leave the comfort of my house.
  7. I love thunderstorms if I'm inside and I love watching them light up the sky, but if I'm outside during one I get really scared. I think its because my Dad's friend got struck by lightning and died so now whenever I'm outside during one I'm a bit paranoid.

    As for the rain? It never stops where I live in Manchester so I cant say it bothers me that much.
  8. I like thunderstorms cause I see streaks of lightning go across the sky. I hate the thunder though.
  9. I love thunderstorms to death! When I was a kid I had this huge semi-circle window which faced out into our lawn and every time it stormed hard I opened that baby up and watched the outside. It was beautiful. Dont worry, I didnt sit very close to the window or when it was especially hellish outside.
  10. I'm from OKLA so I've grown up w/ hardcore thunderstorms and I LOVE them!
  11. I love thunderstorms as long as im at home or in the office. I love looking at the rain from my windows, or sleep while it's raining. The thunder does a great job as sound effect. hehehehhe.